Goodbye Abby

My favorite barista left. For her it’s a happy story. She graduated in May and got a job in her field starting in October. She had been at Starbucks for maybe a year or so. She made a difference. Upbeat and a joy to be around for employees and customers.

Someone with an outgoing personality does well there. She remembered all the regulars and their drinks, greeting them when they came through the door. It goes a long way to make people feel at home (while they are paying outrages prices for coffee!). She drew flowers on my lids if she had the time which mostly happened on Sunday mornings. For some reason I kept them. She said not even her dad kept them.

Her leaving was not unusual. My local Starbucks is staffed primarily by young people going to school. There is a major turnover in May and September as people move on to “real” jobs or seek flexible employment for school. By the time I learn someone’s name they are gone.

There was a time I would try to remember names. I’d write them down but it’s a never-ending process. Now I learn the names of people who are there long enough to have a nametag. Right now the newbies are learning and don’t have time to socialize. Maybe later when they know what they are doing.

There are old-timers too. Some have been there for a few years. They are friendly and helpful but once in a while, you come across someone who stands out. Abby stood out!

I am sure she will be a success in whatever she does.

As if to compensate me for my loss, Starbucks brought back the chestnut praline latte for the holidays today. It helps but I’ll still miss Abby.

43 thoughts on “Goodbye Abby

  1. Oh my! Chestnut praline? I must have one of those and soon. 🙂 No matter how good the coffee and drinks are, it takes pleasant encounters with baristas to make me feel comfortable. It sounds like Abby is a very special person and you’re right, she’ll be successful wherever she is! I am not good with remembering names, and I never was. I’m very impressed with anyone with such excellent “people skills.” I love that you saved the lids. 😀

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  2. I only ever go to Starbucks once a week, on the way home from my part-time job, when I pick up my wife’s favorite: a flat white. Anyway, for the last three years, a lovely woman behind the counter always greeted me by name when I entered. Then suddenly, just like your Abby, she disappeared! – Marty

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  3. Wishing Abby well. When I worked downtown, there was a Starbucks in our high rise building that we frequently regularly. They knew our merry little band and made us feel special, I felt like they were good friends. It really was like a caffeine Cheers bar as they were like Abby. It was and remains the best Starbucks I’d ever been to as a patron. They made some lousy days much better and I still think fondly of that store.

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  4. People come and go these days rather quickly it seems in commercial settings but the “good ones” are SOOOO missed aren’t they. I know you wish Abby well but will miss those little signs of recognition on your coffee lids – that was a genuinely cute and special touch – she will take “specialness” to her next job I bet.

    Hugs, Pam

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    • There is another barista who occasionally does it but not often. She is an art major and extremely shy so she rarely speaks up. I greet her when I see her but she tries to stay in the background.


  5. Hi, Kate – Abby sounds wonderful! Good service makes such an incredible difference. I was reminded of that again today when the cashier at my local grocery store could not have been grumpier. Seriously! There may have been good reasons for it but it was also contagious. I left the store feeling down as well. The world definitely needs more Abbys!

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    • We have a local craft store that I go in occasionally. The picture framer was upbeat and pleasant. Then one day she was grumpier than grumpy. Did something happen? I don’t know but it was such a change and kind of put a damper on our purchase.


  6. I don’t frequent any one place enough to become a “regular” but my husband goes for coffee with a groups of friends after swimming. He seemed pretty pleased when he told me that the barista remembers what he orders. A little personal service goes a long way. Best wishes to Abby but I’m sorry you have lost such a great coffee lid artist!

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  7. I am sure that you, as well as I, remember back to the days when friendly customer service was the norm. Now, with people like Abby, it is so unusual that these people end up sticking out in our minds. She may not ever know that she made a specific difference in your life, but she will find joy in hoping that she will make a difference in a lot of lives. Meanwhile, I’ll just hope that you find another barista who treats you as you should be treated.

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    • All the baristas are friendly and especially the manager but Abby was special. She was touched when I told her that I kept all the lids she had drawn on. It’s not really easy to be a barista. You have to know how to make like 30 drinks and people can be so rude.


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