Sassy cats — This and that!

Gracie here. Not much doing here except it was “ear week.” Three of us (Morgan is the perfect cat and never has issues) had a build up of ear gunk again. The peep cleaned Sasha’s ear first. Sasha doesn’t fight it and will cooperate if there is a promise of scratchies.

Gus does not like his ears cleaned. If he knows you are thinking about it, he bolts. He can sense deception as if it were a soup bone. It took a couple days until the peep caught him mid-nap. Yikes. He was overdue.

Then the focus was on me. I get black crystals in my ear as the gunk hardens. My inner ear wasn’t too bad but I had a lump as big as a giant pea in there. We are all good now except there is talk about a dose of medicine. (That’s in the ear folks! The worst place to get it!)

Rumor has it that we are getting overnight guests next weekend. We’ve been working hard to put our scent on everything just so the visitors know who lives here. Sasha is revisiting her hidey holes and Morgan is practicing being cute. Gus is just Gus. Visitors can’t disrupt him from his normal routine. He was raised in a multi-cat room in a rescue that had a lot of visitors. Nothing phases him except ear cleanings.

Sasha saving her energy for the invaders!

Our positive thoughts go out for our friends and their critters who had a visit from hurricane Ian.


44 thoughts on “Sassy cats — This and that!

  1. YUCK YUCK…..ear cleanings are the worst and if there’s any doubt, ask Teddy. Has had yeast infections since we adopted him (and in fact her one WHEN we adopted him). You’re right about chronic – and stubborn yeast infections are really tough. Anyway, we’re all resigned (well Teddy may think differently!) to this ear drop process to continue but we remain hopeful that a miracle will happen and yeast infections will be a thing of the past for Ted (AND YOUR CREW TOO!!!!!!!).

    Hugs, Pam

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