Random 5 for October 2, 2022 – Decisions, walking, food, projects, Facebook

Splooters — I learned a new word last week – splooting — thanks to Linda at Walking, Read, Writing and Whimsy. It was in relation to squirrels who sploot on the road. This week I had to come to a complete stop with my car to avoid squashing a splooting squirrel. Then he appeared indecisive on his next move. He’s lucky it was me or he’d be history.

Neurotic? Me? – I take my Fitbit seriously. There is no point in doing if I don’t. I get my 10K steps a day and it’s not really all that hard. I’m an active person. If I work in a half hour walk, I’ll hit the target easily. My Fitbit watch does a fireworks display to mark the achievement. The other night I had just gotten into bed when I realized I didn’t see the fireworks display. After ten seconds of “how ridiculous is this” I checked my watch. I had 30 steps left to do. I sprinted out of bed, completed my challenge and enjoyed the fireworks. Neurotic or dedicated? You can decide. I wisely decided not to comment on it to the beloved husband. There is no doubt what he would say.

A good discovery – I met up with an old friend this week. She’s on a specific diet so we had lunch at a place that serves bowls of raw vegetables and grains I can’t pronounce. All healthy stuff. I tried a taco. It was cheap and tasty and a small portion for lunch (most people get two). The place totally lacked atmosphere. It was dark and loud and they played weird music (to me). However, I can see myself picking up take-out when I’m in that shopping center. I don’t eat big meals especially for lunch. One of my challenges is to find a place that has small portions.

Oh no, not again – On Wednesday we will start our last house project for this year. It’s a small one and our contractor says he will be done in a week. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. I’ve had my share of contractors this year. The constant cleaning and disruption gets on my nerves. This will be the last project for the first floor for a long while. Anything else is just decorative stuff like painting or hanging window treatments and I’ll do them myself. By “I’ll” I mean the beloved husband. Maybe. Mostly I’m the painter.

What da fluff is dat? – After weeks of watching videos posted by Labrador retriever, Newfie and German Shepherd owners (and loving them), Facebook has started feeding me videos from rabbit owners (yes, literal rabbit hole!). They are cute but will I end up with every animal video out there? I shouldn’t complain. It’s better than some of the other stuff on Facebook. I can talk dog language now. Gotta do me a beat down! Tanks for reading lil fren.

So how was your week?

48 thoughts on “Random 5 for October 2, 2022 – Decisions, walking, food, projects, Facebook

  1. From dogs to rabbits is a far stretch even for FB’s algorithms. Interesting. I like the squirrel photo and quote. I spend far too much time around people who are afraid to make a decision, say a declarative sentence, dithering, dithering, dithering. I’ll be thinking of them as flat squirrels in the future.

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  2. It is crazy season for squirrels – slightly cooler weather has them all up and burying acorns. Luckily the dog has decided they are less interesting than they were a few weeks ago. Yesterday it was like a squirrel fall festival in one oak tree area we walk by.
    (Wonder if the dog has a secret FitBit watch…he’s really determined to walk us a lot)
    Fingers crossed on your last new project – time to finish up for the winter ( Is remodeling to humans like gathering nuts for squirrels? Both can be pretty nutty HaHa)

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  3. I just recently heard about “splooting” when I showed some photos of Teddy lying on his belly with his feet out behind him. As for Facebook, I guess I’m just not on it enough to be targeted with certain postings. Thankfully……!

    Hugs, Pam

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  4. Splooter is a new word for me too. Maybe the squirrel the wheels will go around him.

    I’ve been getting a variety of animal videos. I enjoy them. The most recent one was of a flock of about 100 sheep the started following a jogger, stopping every time she stopped. They were lost.

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  5. Trying to catch up in Reader and scrolling down and saw a splooting squirrel. It looked like one of mine. 🙂 Thank you for the shout-out Kate and if someone clicks that link tomorrow it will be all about a baby squirrel. They’ll think I’m squirrelly for sure. I would stop for a squirrel too, but it amazes me where they decide to plop down or they run halfway across the street and pause. Their moms don’t teach them that this is a dumb idea. One day I will get a FitBit … I have the same pedometer I started out with … when it goes I will upgrade to a FitBit. I am neurotic as well for the walking regimen, but for me it is the year-end goal. I remember the first year I set a goal – it was 2012 and we got a big snowfall as it closed in on year-end. I had not started walking at the Park yet – that happened the following year. It was often slippery on sidewalks and the City had not always plowed the streets when I went out in the morning, so I finished off my yearly miles walking at Memorial Park, the next block over, in the parking lot which was salted and plowed as they had an annual Christmas display there. As long as I could navigate over there safely, Christmas Fantasyland did not open until the afternoon so I had the parking lot to myself. I’d do that again in a pinch if need there. I was determined to make it “legal” and get it done. I don’t envy you for more contractor work.

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  6. We sure have the squirrels, but I hadn’t heard the word “splooting.” It’s a good word! We were discussing that this week because my granddaughter is turning 15 and will soon begin drivers education. My daughter had to tell her, however, that she won’t be driving on her own if she doesn’t stop screaming every time her mother gets even near a “splooting” squirrel. This could become a very big problem.

    You are very brave to head into the end of the year with one more project. Even a small one! I’m wishing you all the luck and we’ll hope you don’t need it. 🙂

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  7. I started tracking my steps early in the pandemic, because I felt like I was moving around so little (more than I thought). I can see doing something extra for that a last 30 steps. I also track my fluid intake to be sure I get enough, and I’ll drink a few swallows extra to make my goal, but not a whole glass. Usually, it doesn’t come that close. Good for you, that you are able to remain so active!

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  8. Dedicated, not neurotic.
    For fireworks before bed, I’d do 30 steps . . . but not 3000. 😀

    We made it through IAN without getting blown around too much although we did have to evacuate our villa AND then our hotel room (in the dark, with no power) due to the imminent threat of a roof collapse (which did not happen). We lost both power and water at the hotel and power at the villa and had to go next door to another hotel to get water for flushing the toilets.

    Home Thursday. Power came on yesterday at 4 pm. YAY!

    Wild waves, water, wind, weather and week!

    We had some different meals this week due to IAN ~ (1) a mostly raw salad with blanched broccoli, black olives, celery & carrots sticks, Vermont cheddar, and Good Seasons Italian (I would make it again even without a Hurricane); (2) grilled baguette cooked on the camp stove with a fresh tomato bruschetta topping.

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  9. I really struggle to do 10,000 steps. If I make a concerted effort to go for a walk then it’s fine, but all those people who say they manage it just through normal everyday life … NOPE.

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