Sassy cats — Just a few pics

Closeup of Sasha being adorable or naughty, take your pick!

Nap time! Gus, Morgan and Sasha on the peep’s bed!

Gracie doesn’t want you to forget her! She usually prefers to sleep alone.

We all wish you a great weekend!

25 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Just a few pics

  1. What an adorable bunch of furry friends! It’s clear that Gus, Morgan, Sasha, and Gracie are all loved and well taken care of. It’s heartwarming to see them all snuggled up together for a nap, even if Gracie prefers her own space. Thank you for sharing these sweet photos with us and wishing us all a great weekend. Have a wonderful weekend as well!

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  2. Your cats are absolutely adorable! It’s heartwarming to see how they all cuddle together on the bed, even though Gracie prefers to sleep alone. Sasha looks like she might be up to some mischief, but that just adds to her charm. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of your furry friends with us, it made my day a little brighter. Have a great weekend as well!

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