Yes! Although it’s been slow going, there is progress. Deck pictures from day 3. The old deck is completely gone. We are waiting for lumber delivery (hopefully tomorrow) and nice warm weather to proceed.

Neighbor’s cats supervising


55 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. It’s nice to know that the work is being properly supervised and heavily judged on both aesthetics and convenience to neighborhood cats. I’m sure it provides you with an extra sense of security. Cats. Very Helpful.

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  2. It’s going to be so nice, Kate. I like the pavers. All I can think about is how nice it will be in Fall! I can see some coziness on the ground level. I will be looking forward to seeing your lovely furniture up high I guess? Are you going to put the deck under a roof? It’s so nice to have outdoor living space. Fingers crossed he keeps moving forward! The cats snoopervising… cracks me up!


  3. Congratulations on the progress! It appears the joists, etc., are in good enough shape to keep. That’s excellent! Did you say you plan to screen in your bottom patio or was that someone else? I always wished my folks had done that on their deck/patio. I hope you have regular progress. It doesn’t seem like a deck should take that long but perhaps it means they’re doing a thorough job.

    Hi to the neighbor’s kitty. I have a neighborhood cat that periodically comes and paws at my patio door insisting he be let inside. When I first moved here I wondered if the house had been his and he was abandoned. But no, confirmed neighbor cat. He’s cute but the kids get all upset when he’s on the deck.

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    • The whole understructure is in good shape. They are going to do some reinforcement because they are going to cantilever it out another 2 foot but at least I didn’t have to start from scratch. The cats don’t let me near but the white and black one would occasionally visit our old deck.

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  4. That is going to be really nice when completed – I love having a deck – ours is very small. When we built this house we didn’t think we wanted a big deck so had them just do a small one. MISTAKE! Anyway, live and learn. I know you’ll be happy when this is DONE and you can enjoy it.

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Our neighbor has a huge deck. It goes across the entire back of her house and out pretty far. Our deck will not be that big. Sadly she spends most of her year in Florida and even when she’s here rarely uses it. It’s nice looking though.


    • I wasn’t around yesterday and they left by noon. The hours they work astound me. The longest day has been 5 hours. Perhaps I don’t understand the process but I’d prefer to have them come in and work full days to get it done.

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