Sassy cats – Happy April!

Here I am on the new kitchen chair! I prefer backs. Makes me taller! I feel like Christopher Columbus looking for new land! I just need a telescope.

Gracie here. I had a great trip to the casinos. Niptinis and free tuna, what’s not to like? I was in heaven. My human missed me. When I got home there were two new kicky sticks. One had slobber on it but the other was pristine just for me!

With the threat of another ant invasion, the peep has changed the way she feeds us. We are eating together. When we finish the wet stuff it gets picked up. She moved the kibble upstairs since this picture was taken as the ants liked that too. She was complaining about feeding the whole ding dang animal kingdom!

All four of us eating at one spot. This never happened before the ants. We are mostly good although Sasha will happily nose in on another plate when her food is gone. The line-up here is Sasha, Gracie, Morgan and Gus.

The peep is trying to figure out how to clean a cat tree. The one in the family room looks worn and hairy. It’s a cream color and none of the cats match it. We have three in different spots and we use them all! Cat trees, like carpeting, should match the cats.

Time for my nap! Yes that’s a ferocious yawn!

Have a great weekend!

Here is an old photo of the love bugs!


49 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Happy April!

  1. What an adorable post! Gracie looks so cute trying out the new kitchen chair. It’s funny how cats have their own preferences and personalities. And it’s great to hear that Gracie had a good time at the casinos and got some new toys to play with when she got home. The picture of all four cats eating together is heartwarming. It’s important to keep our furry friends safe from ants and other pests, and it’s nice to see that the peep has taken steps to do so. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments with us, and give Gracie and her furry friends some pets and treats from us!

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  2. Gracie looks absolutely adorable trying out the new kitchen chair! It’s great to hear that she had a wonderful time at the casinos, enjoying niptinis and free tuna. It’s also good to know that your human is taking measures to prevent ant invasions by changing the way she feeds you all. The photo of all four of you eating together is precious, and it’s heartwarming to see that you all get along so well. Thanks for sharing these updates with us!

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  3. Congratulations on the new kicky stick! We find toys we have forgotten and get them out of our basket to play with. But we have no kicky sticks. Perhaps our mom will make us one with the fancy new nip she got.

    We do not eat side by side. We both will fight over one bowl but at least mom no longer has to sit between us.

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    • This week was the first time they did that. Usually Gus and Sasha eat together. They are both aggressive eaters so they cancel each other out. The grays end up getting pushed away from their dish. I stood there to make sure that didn’t happen.

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  4. Happy April to you and the other Sassy Cats! Happy April to the Lady Peep too, I know she is happy dancing! Well, I am sure she would be happier without the bugs and mousies but what you gonna do? It all looks pretty orderly at the feeding station, Gracie. Hahahah, you are riveted on something interesting out the window. I would say you are doing some most excellent Kravitzing! (Gladys Kravitz) Have a great weekend Sassy Cats and Peeps!

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  5. I tried a couple of things with cat tree renovation and both were big flops – I finally just got a new one and I MAY have spend less than for the reno stuff !!!! Anyway, glad the moving of the food bowls worked out. YAY!

    Hugs, Pam

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  6. We are having the same issue with Catorze’s igloo, which apparently cannot be washed (?). I’m tempted to just give it a go and see what happens …

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