Random 5 for April 3, 2022 – Walking, pups, aches, procrastination, rain

My iris patch at my old house.

Happy Fitbit, healthy life! – Yesterday on my way to walk down by the stream, I met up with my neighbor who was also taking a walk. She was going in a different direction and invited me to join her. I was intrigued so I agreed. I have no idea where we were most of the time. We looped around the nearby large-scale developments. The homes are beautiful. I hit my coveted 10K steps and my Fitbit tracker was in heaven. I had an image of the mothership spinning out of control with jubilation! I don’t know what went faster, her feet or her mouth but the time went fast. She reminded me of my old walking partner at the mall. I enjoyed the trip and learned a lot.

Dogs – We passed many dogs on the walk. Lots of dogs, big and small but one thing stuck out. My area has a lot of little white dogs. I don’t know the breed but they are similar to Westies. Maybe they are Westies. Cute little things. I’ll know the dogs before I know the owners.

Getting old – It seems like every week there is some new ache or pain that pops up. Sometimes it’s only for a day or two, sometimes longer. With my hypochondria, I’m sure it’s terminal and I’m rewriting my obituary. I try to do the two-week thing. If I don’t die and it doesn’t get better in two weeks, I’ll get it checked out. Right now, I’m waiting out a leg pain I’ve never had before. If I go dark you know what happened.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda – Tomorrow the last big project (for now) for this house starts. It’s a new deck. the old one is in bad shape. True to form, predictions are for a rainy week. The contractors will be working around flower beds. My plan was to pull out a few (just a few) plants to protect them. I have some lovely large-scale hostas and a peony to die for that I can’t pull out (fingers crossed for them). I never pulled out the irises and now I’m wondering if I can get them out before they get here Monday morning although with all the rain, it wouldn’t surprise me if they waited until later in the week. Today it’s raining of course.

Rainy days and Sundays – It’s pouring outside. There is something very peaceful about that. I don’t have any errands to do today so I’ll enjoy it indoors. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week although the recent heavy rains have made the ground soggy. Hauling materials is sure to rip up the lawn.

So how was your week?

45 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 3, 2022 – Walking, pups, aches, procrastination, rain

  1. Rain rain rain. I guess that means it’s spring around here. Soon enough the rain will be gone and I will complain about the heat. And just as I was reading about impermanence and not resisting the hot or cold. Try as I might, resist and complain I will.

    I’m glad your leg pain has gone away. The struggle is to know when you shouldn’t wait.

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  2. That’s great to meet up with another walker you enjoy, someone who will entertain you the whole way.

    I like your heading: “Rainy Days and Sundays.” It’s always fun to hear an old familiar lyric.

    Best of luck on your deck. If all goes well, you’ll enjoy it all summer long.

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  3. Sounds like a great conversation and the time went fast. I hope you can salvage the hostas and peonies – maybe a wire cage of some type to protect them, not as study as an animal carrier, but something along those lines. I don’t know if they make those Winter Styrofoam cones anymore, but they protect and don’t allow water in unless you poked holes in the top – good luck with that since you can’t temporarily transplant them.

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  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful walk. It’s nice to sometimes have someone to walk with though I do love my solitary strolls. Good luck with the deck project. Hopefully, it won’t rain when they get started and stays clear until they are done. We are having some work done on the exterior of our building, and we have to have our balconies cleared of everything. So, no planting for me until the work is done. We have been told it will take 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the weather.

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  5. My Fitbit did not hit 10,000 steps, I definitely fall into the old age category with various aches and pains and I adhere to the two-week rule also, we had to have a storm door replaced this week, and it’s going to rain all week. 🙂 Good luck with the deck and hopefully the plants survive.

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    • It’s going to rain all week here too. The ground is saturated so carrying various lumber and deck parts around the house will rip up the grass. I’m guess the contractor will postpone until next week. I did dig out the iris I was worried about and have a bucket ready to protect the peony. Miraculously after I blogged about my leg pain, it’s gone. I don’t know what it was. It was very intense yesterday. Not even sore today. Whatever!

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  6. How nice to meet a new neighbor who loves to walk too. We are still working on our deck and – can you believe it – it’s raining here also. Good luck protecting your plants. Can you put something over the ones you can’t safely pull out (like maybe one of those large plastic pots you get plants in from the nursery)? It would be a shame to have them trampled on.

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    • I’m going to put a 5 gallon bucket over the peony which is just starting to sprout. The hostas are on their own as there are just too many. I dug out the irises in the rain this afternoon but I doubt the contractor will be here tomorrow. Everything is soggy and muddy. It would be hard to get things from the front to the back of the house.

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  7. Oh I do hope the deck project goes smooth as – well – you can fill in that blank. If there is rain I bet they’ll postpone. That will give you time to do whatever you want to do with the plants. New deck will really be nice – just in time to enjoy the outdoors whenever Spring decides to actually GET HERE!

    Hugs, Pam

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  8. You’re my hero when it comes to home projects now. I’m also way behind you! I’m already thinking of our bathrooms and a desperate need to replace the carpeting. Thinking and doing are two different things! At least the deck is outside and less disruptive. – Marty

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    • It is less disruptive. Then I thought about the very few plants worth saving out there. Wish I could have had it done in March before they pushed out of the ground but it was so cold. Now it’s rainy. Somehow being outside isn’t making it less stressful. The silver lining is that this is the last one like this. We’ll redo the bath in a few years but not now. Everything else is just small scale stuff like a new coffee table.

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  9. I think the whole meeting the neighbor and walking with her and her showing you a new walk sounds like a very nice experience even if she had a whole dang lot to say. We have a bunch of tiny white floofy pups here too. SSNS calls them ankle biters… forgive him, we are cat people. Looking forward to deck reports and fingers crossed for consistent progress and no loss of plants you love! The Sassy Cats will have some snoopervising to do from the windows and sliders.

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  10. Oh, Kate, I want to believe that the work on your deck will go smoothly and without incident, but with your track record on renovations??? You need to find yourself some plastic buckets in assorted sizes to put over the plants you’re afraid the contractors will destroy. Not 100% foolproof, but it might help?

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    • That is my plan. I’m going to dig out the irises because they just went in last year so they aren’t anchored like the old ones. I had a small beauty bush that was here when I moved (in a pot half dead). I had planted it in the bed bordering the pavers under the deck and something (maybe human, maybe not) trampled it and broke a lot of branches. I’m going to pull that one out too.


  11. Wishing you good luck on the latest project set to begin with no supply chain hitches. Irises are pretty hardy, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Hopefully your contractor will be respectful of the flower beds (if he isn’t, tell him you’ll sic his ex on him). 😈

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