Sassy cats – The Q-tip invasion

Gracie here with breaking news! Another bizarre week for the peeps. There was a mystery going on!

The female peep found a q-tip on the bathroom floor. That’s where they are stored (in the bathroom not on the floor) so it was dropped, right? Then she found one in the hallway, the make-shift kitchen and on the stairs. This was weird. They don’t wander around the house. Our q-tips don’t have feet or wings (or catnip! Do they come with catnip?).

She immediately blamed the male peep because…well…male peep. She walked into the bathroom with Sasha escorting her (cats must escort peeps into bathrooms so they are safe). Sasha immediately jumped on the counter and ran off with a q-tip.

Sasha has been here a few years and this is the first time she showed interest in q-tips. She’s also been seen running around with price tags that have been cut off clothes. (I thought she was for sale for $19.98 a real bargain! Call me if you are interested.) We have toys which are untouched except for my kicky bar. (That’s mine, mine, mine!) Even the feather on a stick has been semi-retired, taken out only when the peeps are trying to do something else. Maybe it’s time to peruse Chewy for more choices. I’m on it!

This is the picture of the week. It’s what happens when you are not fast enough in making the bed!

That’s it for today! We all wish you a great holiday weekend (if you celebrate) and a great weekend (if you don’t).


53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The Q-tip invasion

    • I don’t know when this started. I’ve noticed it in the past 2 months or so but Sasha has been here 3 years. I didn’t think she jumped up on the bathroom counter either. Well, that ship has sailed! Sophie is just looking for her purse.

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  1. Hi Kate, thank you for your nice holiday wishes! I am writing with sad news today. I know, that you follow and read Circumstance 227 on her blog Trek* (*Teaching rambling expatriate with kids) – and vice versa. I am sorry having to let you know, she passed away this week. She liked to read your entries, she told me just recently. She was such a brilliant writer herself. And great in most everything else she did and as a person. My best friend in real life for thirty years, I don’t know, how to cope.

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    • Oh no! I knew she was ill but I didn’t understand how ill. I loved her posts. My grandparents grew up about 10 miles from where she lived in Austria. Thank you for letting me know. My sympathies to you and her entire family. She will be missed by many.


      • I have been around her neck of the woods in Austria lot recently to keep her company. Next will be Dec 30th to join her wonderful daughters and her hubby plus other family – all devastated, needless to say – in saying a final goodbye.

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  2. Gracie, at least you and the other Sassy’s are keeping the Peeps entertained and keeping their minds off the kitchen. I hope the Lady Peep and her Beloved Husband are having a quiet and peaceful day. Merry Christmas Eve to all and a Merry Christmas filled with good FOOD!

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  3. I love a good mystery but glad you solved “The Q-Tip Caper” !! Hope that you and your family have a really wonderful Christmas – next year you will have a more “normal” Christmas with the house no longer in a state of flux (!!). MERRY CHRISTMAS

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  4. Great post. With Barney it was Hubby’s electric razor which found its way into his bed and was dismantled. We replaced it and just managed to catch him pilfering the new one!
    Happy holidays Kate. Catnip, belly rubs, treats and hugs for the Feline Four.

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    • Amazingly it’s not a trap. They all love belly rubs. Yes on dental floss for Sash too. I found her chewing on the plastic that connects price tags to clothes. Yikes! We have to be more careful. Not sure why the change in behavior. She didn’t use to chew on that. Maybe I should check her teeth.

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  5. Ah, Sasha’s antics never end, but I don’t believe for a minute that you’d all part with her, even for $19.98! Merry Christmas kitties, and say the same to your peeps too.

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