Sassy cats – Peeps’ edition

It’s a peep today! Gracie went to the casino to play slots and the other cats are in a food coma after breakfast. That leaves me to fill you all in.

I had my booster shot this week and had an “I don’t feel good” day. I slept most of the day. My cats rarely sleep with me unless I don’t feel well. I don’t know how they know. Maybe I put off a scent that they pick up on. Maybe it smells like bacon. It can’t be bad because they all comes running. Gracie moved downstairs to watch over and has been sleeping with me ever since. She prefers to sleep on my legs so I can’t wander off.

This is Gracie giving a demonstration of the proper way to sleep

I’ve heard those stories of cats staying with dying people until they pass and wondered if my cats knew something I didn’t. So far I’m still here and Gracie is still sleeping with me.

There have been some tussles between Morgan who is normally a laid back cat and Gus, also a laid back cat. Perhaps they were so laid back they annoyed each other. Gus is bigger by about two pounds but Morgan gives as good as she gets. It’s just a “wop wop” with maybe a short chase. Nothing like the wrestling and rolling around that happens when Sasha gets involved. Sasha is like a sack of potatoes. Overall the cats get along fine but they are just like people. Somedays they are cranky.

Gus and Morgan getting along just fine!

Speaking of cranky, next week starts a long project with outside people in the house every day. I’m starting to plan on new feeding stations so everyone feels safe (that includes the peeps too). Sasha will not be happy. Everyone else will resign themselves to it for the duration. More treats will be in order. Mocha lattes for me and tuna for the cats. Gracie gets catnip. She doesn’t eat treats. She may be the smartest one of all. Nothing like some weed to calm you down. I wonder if catnip works on people.

That’s it for this week. One of the cats will be back next week. We all wish you a great weekend.

58 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Peeps’ edition

  1. Gracie needs one of those eye masks as she’ll get wrinkles doing that face plant. I got my booster shot two weeks ago and happy for it. It was Moderna all the way and I only felt crummy after the second shot. I had Goldfish crackers at the ready and was happy I didn’t need them. Today I was annoyed because Pfizer asks US regulators to authorize COVID-19 booster shots for ALL adults, not just the elderly and immuno-compromised adults. Whoever decided 65 was elderly? I turned 65 this year and don’t consider myself elderly. Sigh. I was five days behind in Reader and by the time I totally catch up, your remodeling job will be done.

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  2. I’m glad you got your booster but sorry you had the down day! It’s behind you now so that’s good. I was able to take a little trip up to play with my grandson for a few days. The family had to put their almost 15-year old dog down last week, so I’m the diversion. Our pets mean everything, and I love hearing about the personalities in your busy household, Kate. I hope the crew adjusts to the construction taking place this week! 😉

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  3. That’s sweet that your cats take care of you while you’re not feeling well. I’ve had 5 cats in one (big) bedroom for a couple weeks now. And surprisingly, they’ve been fine. They’re used to all the hammering and drilling. Hope your cats do well!

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    • Everyone will do fine except Sasha. Even she will just hide until everyone leaves. The others will do as they normally do. Gus will snoopervise from the cat tree in the family room. Morgan will be in a food coma until early afternoon and Gracie spends the morning/afternoons upstairs.


  4. Glad to hear you got your booster. Next week for us. We did the flu shot last Monday and no reaction. You are a brave one to do the reno. We are just now thinking about the Master bath again but the neighbors have been waiting on their cabinets for almost three months. Just thinking about it makes my stomach knot. I have my fingers crossed for you and thinking all kinds of good thoughts that it goes well!

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  5. Hope you feel better soon Kate! I had my first Shingles shot this week and spent the next day napping I felt so sore/achy/out of sorts. I’m thinking I should get a cat. No sign of any third boosters here until after Christmas, but I’m interested in how people react, to be prepared. I remember my kitchen reno a couple of years ago, with the “feeding station” set up in the dining room complete with fridge, stove, microwave, toaster – along with the table and chairs it was very crowded in there and short on plugs. Not fun at all. Your cats are always entertaining. Does Gracie win at the casino?

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    • Gracie didn’t bring anything home from the casino so if she won something, she ate it. I may do the feeding station upstairs so they can go there during the day when the guys are here. It will be crowded and short on plugs here too. Six weeks they say. I may have to get an advent calendar and convert it to a kitchen construction calendar.

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  6. Catnip tea for humans is available. WebMD has info on it. It is said to help with nervousness and anxiety and as a sleep aid. During the Civil War, it was given to “excitable and nervous” Southern ladies to help calm them. Maybe you should try some while the kitchen is being done.

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  7. Sorry your booster made you feel sick My hubby got his this week, but I held off because I had too much to do this week that I couldn’t afford to be sick. Cats do know when we need them most. XO

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  8. Catnip doesn’t work on people. Don’t ask for details.

    Glad they’re keeping you company. Boss Cat only sticks like glue to me when it’s cold.

    LA County Department of Public Health was very insistent that I get a booster because I got the J&J shot back in April. The pharmacy kept asking me if I knew which manufacturer I was getting (Pfizer) and if I was okay with that. Me: “Dudes, I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine initially, clearly I don’t care what you shoot me up with.”

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  9. Maggie always seemed to know when I was feeling ‘off’. Mind you, she always slept with us…… in the caravan and the boat that was the only place she could sleep anyway, so it didn’t matter and she always waited for her blanket to be put down first.

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  10. Kate: I hope you feel better. I gota 1st shingles and a flue vax the same day a month ago and it put me down for a day after wards. 😉 My kitties say Catnip is sweet, But Liqueur is Quicker, Kitties say lets sit around the desk when the ‘Pipestone is lit 🌈 ~Willy

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    • Very similar response. My husband and I got really sick within an hour of each other. We got the booster at the same time. We were both ok the next day but couldn’t believe how much more intense the reaction was compared to the first two. (First one nothing at all!) Yes, way better than covid.

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  11. Cats really do just KNOW stuff. I think they are more tuned in to us than they PRETEND to be. They act like they don’t much care what we do or how we feel but if we’re upset or sick, etc. they KNOW IT. Pretty cool. Like a catnip/treat-loving-health-o-meter. Hope the reno goes SMOOTHLY!

    Hugs, Pam

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