Sassy cats — Slow news week

Gracie: This is my favorite sleeping position. Head in!

Ace reporter Gracie here: It’s been a hectic week. The peeps had a lot going on so we did not get our normal attention. Dinner was late a few times but it did show up. There were funerals and house shopping sprees! Even some painting! Lady peep says moving is hard work!

Here is a slightly blurry pictures of Sasha and Morgan. Looks like they are gossiping to me. Probably trying to figure out how to steal my food!

And of course the lovers!

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend!


42 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Slow news week

  1. Dear Gracie – on the evening news I heard there was a pet food shortage, but only for those pet food manufacturers who keep selling their food in cans and not in plastic containers and pouches. I know the Peep is on top of keeping your tummies full of food and treats in all those nice Chewy boxes.

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    • Peep here. This moving is a lot of work especially when the house needs some attention. With covid everything is harder, takes longer and is more expensive. I’m not moving again! We did buy a carpet for the “conservatory.” Won’t come in for a month.


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