Random 5 for September 12, 2021 – Recovery, weather, people, pets, stamina

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Car accident recovery – The hardest part is finding the courage to drive again. Especially when you don’t need to drive. If I went to work every day it would be a moot point. You do it and eventually you are ok with it. I have to drive somewhere every day to get over the fear. It’s getting much better. If you are in back of a little old lady in a smashingly gorgeous red sparkly SUV who is going at or under the speed limit that would be me. I also brake for almost anything – a leaf floating in the air, a squirrel who may or may not cross the road in this decade. You are warned.

Rain, rain go away – If you read my post last Sunday you know we got eight inches of rain and much flooding. That is extremely unusual for us. We really don’t need rain but another two inches fell this past week. All at once. We didn’t flood here but some areas did. They closed some major roads. I long for normal.

Disappointment – Do you change your opinion of someone based on something weird that shouldn’t matter? I do. There is a male barista at my Starbucks. He’s not drop dead gorgeous but he is handsome in his own way. He has a naturally smiley face. (Those of you who have a resting bitch face know what I mean!) He’s helpful and polite. Today I caught him smoking on his break. I had a twinge of “feel bad.” Perhaps it’s my generation. Many of my friends smoked in the 60s and 70s and they all struggled to break the habit. In today’s world, where the information on how bad it is for you is plastered everywhere, I don’t understand why anyone would smoke, especially a young smart person with a lot going for them. It’s almost (and I say almost) as if he slapped a puppy. I have no use for anyone who uses negative means to train any animal. None. Nada. Zip. You are dead to me.

Speaking of pets — I have four well behaved (sort of) cats. None of my furniture is shredded and they don’t pee on my carpets. If I can do it, anyone can. I am a soft pushover for cats but we connect in the right ways. We have the occasional hairball (always on carpet – their mothers taught them that) but otherwise all dodo is in the box. (Note to self: Go knock on wood so you don’t jinx yourself!)

More weird stuff – Over the past few years I’ve seen my energy and stamina level go down. Alarmingly so. Many days I would need an afternoon nap. After my accident I was worried I would lose more ground. At the six weeks mark, I started to notice that I have more energy and stamina. My mind is sharper. (In our house intelligence is gauged be how many Jeopardy answers we get or the speed in calculating sale prices in my head.) I even remember what I want when I walk into another room (that’s a minor miracle). My doc had ordered a broad series of blood work in the spring and it all came back normal. He said it was just part of natural aging. Something in me rebooted and I hope it stays for a long, long time. Nothing I do changed so I don’t know how it happened. Take that natural aging!

So how was your week?



59 thoughts on “Random 5 for September 12, 2021 – Recovery, weather, people, pets, stamina

  1. I’m glad to know your energy is returning, Kate. The ups and downs of aging aren’t fun. And I can understand the fear and caution connected to your driving. A good friend of mine fell several years ago and badly broke her leg. She required surgery and a pin. To this day she walks so carefully that it appears like she’s feeble. She’s really much stronger than she looks. But the fear of having another fall has never left her, and she takes caution to quite an extreme. Our minds and our memories are complex! Getting a snappy new car should be quite the incentive needed to at least practice drive often enough! 🙂

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    • I understand that. Several years ago I fractured my kneecap. I had an immobilizer (removable cast) on my leg for 4 weeks. The doc said when I took it off to just walk normally. My fear gave me a limp for a few days until I forgot about it but I understand how careful and slow you can get when you worry about falling.


  2. I am way behind reading the blogs I follow…like yours. Good to hear the accident is becoming history. And wonderful to hear you are feeling more energetic. It’s a bother to feel tired and logy. A feeling that is quite familiar to me. 😾

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  3. Good thing you don’t live around Detroit – people get shot at for going too slow. Since I’m no Speedy Gonzalez and drive just at the speed limit in good weather, I don’t risk my life going to Detroit. We’ve got road rage galore and about 30+ freeway shootings this year along (many resulting in death). I know some people who won’t get the vaccine – only one is based on her fear of a blood clot as her dog tripped her and she hit her head on the sidewalk and had emergency surgery for bleeding on the brain. She’s convinced the vaccine will do her harm – once I said “COVID’ll do more harm” but got a snippy reaction for that, so my lips are now sealed as to helpful hints. I don’t know why people would smoke these days – time to start doing the PSAs on how smoker’s lungs look.

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  4. Rebooting is wonderful!! Just like we need to “reboot” our computers once in awhile, I think we need to do that to ourselves as well. For me, rebooting occurs when I go for a long walk, meditate, and get out of social media for a while. Oh, and eat chocolate. Chocolate reboots, right? 🙂
    Glad you are feeling better!! ❤
    And yes, boo on the cute barista. His attractiveness diminished greatly.

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  5. Good luck returning to normal. With climate impact being on display every day, I suspect normal will be harder and harder to find. Hoping the rain stops for your area. As in takes an about face and comes back west where the whole week is calling for temps in the 90’s! 🥵

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  6. Please give me your reboot instructions. I need to do that! I know what you mean about disappointment sadly. So. Pear poos and pees on her pee pads now. She can’t help it as she can’t climb in and out of the box. But she encourages me to put down new pads right away!

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  7. Yep, smoking is an instant turn-off. I don’t know why humans would want to smell like ashtrays.
    Salem scratches up the furniture all the time. He’s just disrespectful. Your kitties seem so much more well-behaved. Good for them.

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  8. I’ve never been in an accident but I just KNOW I would be feeling as you are feeling and doing what you are doing. That kind of experience stays with us – maybe some kind of built in “protection cushion” ??!! I had complete blood work done a few months ago because I felt like something was OFF – I was exhausted all the time – turned out my thyroid was low BUT I do believe a lot of it was “just plain tired of things/will this craziness never end/yep I’m getting older and feeling it” kind of stuff. Rebooting would be NICE. Really nice.

    Hugs, Pam

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    • My thyroid was tested as that’s one of the first things that may be wrong. I was ok there. I agree that sometimes it’s life that bats you down. I don’t know how I rebounded but I’m enjoying it.


  9. Re. “disappointment”: Yes, I can change my opinion of someone based on something that shouldn’t seem to matter. I suppose it’s not surprising when the first opinion was based on very little information. I used to have a good opinion of the drummer on the Colbert Show. He seemed so enthusiastic and fun. But now he has this very long, ugly beard, and I don’t like him very much anymore. (That’s an even worse reason than your guy with the cigarettes.)

    Speaking of your well behaved cats, did you catch the video of the Florida cat that accidentally fell from the upper deck of a stadium and was caught by someone with an American flag?

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  10. RE the rebooting – do you think it might be because you are getting out more post-vaccine? I find I have to take afternoon naps on the days I’m home as I’m tired, no matter how much sleep I had, but if I’m out and about doing stuff I seem to have more energy and don’t need one. A body in motion stays in motion……

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  11. I’m laughing at the “resting bitch face” description! I continually am changing my opinion of former co-workers based on things they write in emails or social media. All filed under “You Think You Know Someone.”

    Happy to hear about your reboot. I think I could use one! – Marty

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  12. If I saw someone slap a puppy, I am more than likely to slap them. As for smokers, I’m one of the worst for taking offense. Hubby and I gave up in 1991 and haven’t looked back. We cannot abide the smell and find it really annoying when someone blows smoke in our direction, or the wind blows it in our direction, or can smell it on someone’s clothes. I’m not a fan of vapers either as they can leave an even bigger haze!!

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  13. 1. Love this sentence: “I also brake for almost anything – a leaf floating in the air, a squirrel who may or may not cross the road in this decade. You are warned.”

    2. Maybe that JOLT of adrenaline that you got in the accident is sticking around and keeping your energy levels up? Not a great way to “reboot” . . . but a positive outcome of your accident.

    3. If someone slapped a puppy . . . I would be disappointed enough to revise my opinion of them. However, if someone has an “occasional” cigarette, in the middle of a pandemic, when ALL life is uncertain ~> I would NOT hold it against them. Especially if they have a naturally smiley face and are helpful and polite. Just saying.

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    • I don’t think it’s occasional which is the issue. If someone can have one every blue moon, it wouldn’t be so bad but to risk your health daily is a different story. The other component is that he is young. He grew up knowing it’s unhealthy. My generation did not. They grew up thinking it was cool. No puppy slapping around me for sure!

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  14. Happy you rebooted! Your last paragraph I certainly relate to… no reboot though, dang! My energy is shot. I know when it cools down here (if you can call it cool) around late November I will bounce back. Driving… I used to love to drive. Now I am content to be the passenger 🙂

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    • I’m not a great passenger since the accident. I brake (for nothing) and wring my hands. I’m getting better as I get out more. At first I didn’t even want to go out…ever! I hope my energy doesn’t disappear. Sometimes when the time changes, around dusk I’m done and ready to change into my bed clothes and it’s only 4 p.m.


  15. I am afraid the the higher rain amounts might be the new normal with climate change..we shall see. Hope the driving gets better soon…been there and done that one. And I’m glad you’re feeing peppier. I am too, and I attribute it in part to cooler days and temperatures more amenable to walking!

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  16. You are lucky that your cat’s are so well behaved with the furniture. My cat Teddy has had a thing with chairs since he was a kitten. He thought they were much more fun to scratch that a scratching post. He has calmed down in his old age, so hopefully he forgets the fun he had.

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