Sassy cats — Gus and company

Resting on the bed

Gus is a skittish but loving cat. He took to Sasha right away, winning her over with his good looks and easy going style. She is his number one. As of late though, he has attached himself to me. It’s not unusual for him to jump on my lap or put his paws around my neck, all 14 pounds of him. He will flop next to me in bed especially when it’s time for breakfast. If I ignore him, he gives me little love nips. Nothing that hurts or breaks skin but a reminder that he is here and needs attention.

I’ve never had a cat quite like him. He gets on well with the other cats and isn’t fearful of people. He sat in his cat tree in the living room and watched the workmen at the front of the house throughout our house project. He never tried to sneak outside or hid.

He isn’t demanding but he has very loud vocal cords that he uses if I’m poking around too long getting dinner ready or when he plays with his mousie. Mousie knows who the boss is.

Move along peep. Nothing going on here.

This week I noticed something else. If he is in my lap having a good cuddle and Sasha comes in, I am dumped unceremoniously for her. Clearly she is first choice. The same is true of Sasha. If she’s with me getting scratchies and Gus comes in the room, she’s gone to be by his side.

Gracie is the box cat! No one likes boxes like Gracie!

All cats are different. Gus doesn’t have the big personality (or bossiness) of Sasha but in his own way, he’s a great cat. Gracie is quirky and the only cat that doesn’t like treats. Morgan is the perfect cat. She eats what you feed her and rarely gets into trouble. Sasha is the diva and pretty over the top. We all are entertained by her but she can put anyone in their place quickly.

This is Morgan when she was young “investigating” the tomatoes in the laundry sink.

We are lucky that they all get along. No fights. No hissing. Just occasional hijinks and shenanigans.

We all wish you all a great weekend.


50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gus and company

  1. Having never had cats (I’m allergic to them), until my cat friend Carol posted of her three cats’ antics and reading your posts, I never knew that cats could be so many personalities or demanding as to dinner. I read that from my friend’s posts too, that they wake her up at ungodly hours because they’re hungry and she gets up in the 4:00 o’clock hour.

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  2. Your cats are wonderful. I love their pictures and the stories you tell about them. My cats have all thought they should be only children…except Henry, he loved Dolly. She tolerated him. Now with Jack and Teddy, there is usually drama. Jack has tried hard to be friends with Teddy, but Teddy will have none of it! Now Jack pretty much ignores Teddy, though he will give him a swat now and then, just to let Teddy know he is still a pest to be reckoned with.

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    • I had a cat named Lacy a while back. She thought she should be an only cat and could be nasty to any other cat here. I had Magic at the same time. Fortunately Magic was a sweet cat and avoided her. Then Jake showed up. *bangs head on table* Eventually I had to separate and Lacy was the upstairs cat. At this point she was an old cat and she mostly slept in sun puddles but if she saw Jake, she’d go after him even though he was twice as big and three times as strong. I worried that Jake would be a “hard to get along with” cat after that but he wasn’t. He loved Magic and after Lacy, he was quite happy with Mollie.


    • There is the occasional bully but they take turns at it. Sometimes Gus tries to bully Sasha (yeah, hard to believe) but she waps him one good. I’ve seen the grays jump on someone too but never much or too long.


  3. You have a lovely and “varied” crew…….cats are wonderful with their very different personalities and quirks (like we are!). All your cats are adorable….but Gus being the ginger boy is my favorite since I am TOTALLY in love with ginger cats – they’re big old love bugs. Hope you and crew have a great Friday and weekend!

    Hugs, Pam

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