Sassy cats — Gracie

Gracie: This is now upstairs in MY bedroom! We are getting a Chewy delivery next week! More boxes!

Gracie here. There have been people here annoying us cats for two weeks now. I was the smartest. I moved upstairs. The peep moved her computer up there too. Peace and quiet. Sasha stays under the bed downstairs. Gus supervises the crew from his cat tree and Morgan…well, she does whatever she wants.

Gracie: My kicky stick is upstairs too!

I decided to stay upstairs so the peep brought my food upstairs. And my bed. Upstairs is nice. With the ceiling fan going, it’s comfortable but I get lonely. So I holler and someone comes up to play. Usually it’s the peep but sometimes it’s another cat.

Gracie: I’m on the bottom and Morgan is on the top.

Gracie: Sasha stops by. Mostly to make sure I don’t have extra food. Or help me out if I do.

The peeps call me needy but I’m just smart and know how to get what I want.

Have a great weekend!

Peep’s note: Gracie, who is not a scaredy cat at all, has decided to stay upstairs until the construction hullaballoo is over. She has been persuasive about having her things moved too. We are just happy when she’s happy!


48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie

  1. Gracie has the right idea! Don’t come out until the annoying work crew has left the premises. She didn’t ask for a new conservatory, so why should she be inconvenienced. I understand. 🙂

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  2. Gracie, it’s good and wise to find a place that makes you comfy in a time of chaos. Peace and quiet, beautiful window with light, and your Peep, too. I’m thinking you ARE smart and just know you need a place where you feel a sense of peace. I’d be up there, too. Scritches to the Sassy Cats and big hugs to the Lady Peep.

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    • When the peep saw how much quieter (and less dusty) it was, she moved her computer up there too. I hope the other cats don’t all move up here. It would get too crowded but there is another bedroom that Morgan prefers.


  3. Ah yes…..we can always “make do” if we have to and just think – that construction will be over soon (right?) and everything will settle back down……it’s amazing though how we can adapt (willingly or unwillingly) to just about ANYTHING.

    Hugs, Pam

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