Random 5 for August 23 – Fall, pumpkin, self-soothers, construction, water

Something about August – The weather is still hot but there is that fall feel in the air. It’s still in the 70s when we get up so it has nothing to do with the weather. Usually there are back to school ads but this year mask mandates for school arguments are taking center stage. Weird year yet again. Can’t quite remember what normal looks like.

Another sign — Before you know it, pumpkin latte time will be here. I don’t like them and they clog up my Starbucks with people who do. Pumpkin belongs in pies, breads or cakes. Definitely not in beer or coffee.

Any box in a storm.

Clinging on to the familiar – Sweet cat Gracie has figured her own way of soothing herself during this time of contractors. Not only did she move upstairs but she is clinging on to a box as if it was a gateway to heaven. Each cat has their own preferred item to soothe them and Gracie’s is a beat up box. Fortunately we are getting deliveries this week so maybe she can select a new one. Her peeps find their solace from ordering stuff so she has a continuing selection of boxes.

Speaking of construction – The new music conservatory is done except for the painting that I am doing. The beloved husband is making himself a new desk and a new window shade is coming soon. One thing done.

No need to water! – We’ve had a lot of rain this summer. We planted a new tree in the spring. I put a reminder on my calendar every four days to water it. I didn’t need it. We’ve had enough rain to keep it happy. Another downpour from Storm (or maybe hurricane) Henri. Grow tree, grow!

So how was your week?


48 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 23 – Fall, pumpkin, self-soothers, construction, water

  1. Never had a pumpkin latte, don’t think I’d like it. I do look forward to pumpkin pie in the fall. Gracie reminds me of Teddy with the boxes. He loves it when his food is delivered. I don’t know what he likes best, the food or the box.

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  2. Sorry to tell you this, but I am on Team PSL 🙂 I don’t go to Starbucks otherwise, but cannot resist the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I do also like pumpkin everything else, too 🙂 But I get why you would hate people who clog up your Starbucks looking for their annual fix. Love the picture of Gracie in her box – that does look comfy! And it is sweet of you guys to order stuff just so she has fresh boxes to try out 🙂

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    • Last year, on the day they introduced their PSL for the fall, I waited 45 minutes for my pre-ordered (on the app) coffee. I’m not sure what all the factors were but it was awful. I left without my coffee. I think the fall roll-out was today. It was busy but not nuts! Amazon, Chicos, Chewy, DSW are all happy we order boxes for our cats! 🙂

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  3. Oh, the warning signs qre out: Halloween meg-marts already open so the smell of pumpkin spice cannot be far behind. People go nuts over that lasts one. I’ll wait for pumpkin bread.
    Had to laugh over this one: “..peeps find their solace from ordering stuff so she has a continuing selection of boxes.” Sounds like hot summer days here!
    But the music conservatory will soon be enough to keep you busy. Can’t wait to see it!

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  4. The only pumpkin thing I like is pumpkin bread with burnt butter icing. I don’t drink coffee. I am tickled that Gracie got fresh Chewy boxes. I would like one to hide in… electrician coming today to install two new exhaust fans in the bathrooms. Also tickled you have a happy tree. We have a happy Shady Lady that was put in back in March. She is happy too because we have been getting buckets and buckets of rain AND humidity! Looking forward to your picture of the completed conservatory!

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    • Love, love, love pumpkin bread. Never had burnt butter icing but it sounds good. Who doesn’t like butter? Gracie is all boxed out. Right now she is sleeping in the small one. Good luck on your installation. At least it’s just one day.


  5. The best thing about pumpkin-whatever is the spices. Don’t you just love that spicy smell! I don’t think I’d like a pumpkin latte. I do like a soy chai, though–not the same thing, of course.

    I hope you’ll take a picture of the music conservatory when you’re done painting.

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  6. That’s so funny to see that Gracie is attached to her Chewy box! We have almost daily deliveries and too many boxes. Wish Zena liked them! I am so interested in your music conservatory. I hope you’ll continue to share more about it. 🙂

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  7. I usually use Coffee mate powdered creamer (the Vanilla Caramel is my favorite) but last week I bought the pumpkin spice liquid creamer. I used to really like the liquid creamers, but I like my coffee piping hot and they cool it off too much. But I thought if I got this creamer, I might “think Fall” and cool off! My grass is bright green, just like May grass thanks to all the rain we’ve had the past 2 1/2 months.

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  8. I never had a pumpkin latte and I doubt I ever will…just don’t think pumpkins are meant for drinks. I like pumpkin muffins better than pie.
    Good to hear the music room is almost done. You can sit in there while the kitchen gets its makeover.
    Teddy and Jack aren’t much interested in boxes. They are the first cats I’ve had that haven’t cared one way or the other about them. Dolly loved boxes!
    We have had a good bit of rain this summer, which just makes the humidity higher. I am so ready for cooler weather. I really need a nice long walk to make me a pleasant person to be around again.

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    • The goal is to not have any other projects going while the kitchen is going on. We need to hide somewhere. Only Gracie is so box crazy. Morgan was when she was younger but now she has little interest. Hope you get your walk!


  9. I don’t care for pumpkin coffee either….I like coffee to taste….well…..normal (whatever that is). Glad your conservatory is about done. No doubt you will celebrate that appropriately…….Nice that your new tree is happy from all the rain….we have not been happy with rain almost every day for weeks on end but our yard sure is!

    Hugs, Pam

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  10. I hope you miss hurricane Henry. I know what you mean about the season changing. I went for a walk in the woods today and the first leaves were falling from the trees.

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  11. I’m with you on the pumpkin…not in my coffee please and thank you. And I am so glad our school district is mandating masks. Though other districts nearby are not. Sigh.

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  12. I love how you describe August, Kate. I now realize why I enjoy this month. Interesting about the boxes and soothing for the cats. I see how babies and toddlers gravitate to playing with the boxes, too. Hmmm…Away from home the last few weeks often with grandkids in tow. A short respite and away again. Thanks for the update. 🙂

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