These are all new blooms and mostly new leaves.

My last errand before my auto accident was to my favorite garden center.

My garden is grim this year. It needs some love (along with better soil, attention and some nasty overgrown bushes removed). The original flowers I put in my window box did not do well. I don’t know why but I’m blaming the boxes themselves. I bought some new beauties to boost my spirits. (Little did I know at the time how much I needed that!)

This is the plant I bought. It went through the accident in my trunk. It was knocked all over. After I had painstakingly spent ten minutes selecting the best specimen at the garden center, all the blooms were gone and tips broken off. Then it sat in the car trunk in high heat for hours until the beloved husband was able to rescue my belongings. For a living plant this is just about the worst treatment it could get.

It was sad looking but I cleaned it up, talked to it sweetly and gave it a good drink. It was a lesson in resilience. Tossed around a hot trunk then baked for a few hours, this is how it repaid me. When I get cranky I go out and spend time with this plant. It recalibrates me more than a person could. Nature is a blessed thing even though she can be brutal.

May we all bounce back from adversity as well as my plant.

70 thoughts on “Resilience

    • It is a great lesson. The plant almost ended up on the trash heap but I felt so sorry for it. It spent a week in the dark garage after the accident before I was up to dealing with it. Then it rewards me like this!


  1. Tenacity rules in nature indeed! The neighbor across the street, long departed from this Earth, had a row of Daffodils in her front yard. After her husband, then she, died and her kids hurriedly sold the house, a guy bought it and a series of renters lived there. Her and her husband would roll over in their graves if they saw it now. After years of renters, someone finally bought it but they’ve let it go so badly. But back in 2010, the first thing the new owner did was rip all the shrubs out of the front garden and dig up everything to just have dirt there. No mulch, no landscaping and ripped up all her bulbs that she’d had for decades. Made no sense to me. They did the same with her prized longstanding tulip garden at the side of the house. But there are four or five Daffodils in the corner they missed and they come up, right as rain, every year. I smile when I see them – it’s like they are rebelling.

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  2. I do think your beautiful resilient plant stands as an emblem and reminder of how we need to continue to grow during times of adversity. I still shudder to hear any details of your accident!

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  3. That plant is resilient – just like you are – both of you got through “THE GREAT CAR INCIDENT” and that has bonded you for life! I love it when a plant that I’ve just about given up on suddenly sprouts a new leaf – it’s all about TRYING isn’t it. 🙂

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Dog owners are a different breed. I’m in an end town house unit surrounded by dogs. Only one poops in my yard. Everyone else uses a leash but the neighbor who doesn’t is the one that can’t control her pup. This week we found him in our garage. Fortunately we are pet people. We just can’t figure out why she lets him out to run. It’s a small dog and could get run over. Or lost. Or stolen.

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      • Maddening! Yes, my neighbor has let all his dogs run free, giving the rest of us dog owners a bad name. At night, he used to just let them out in the front to wander the block. I kept bringing them home to him. I was more worried about them getting run over than he ever was.

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  4. great that you rescued the plant… maybe a symbol that we can be stronger than it seems? I had this with a native porcelain scene… looked through all boxes to get the one what looks perfect, went home , put it up under the tree and then Satan gave the dog a ball for christmas… yes, it ended like we all can guess ;O(

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