Random 5 for August 15 – Birthdays, cars, Hindenburg, deliveries, eye witness

On of the very few pictures I have of my Dad.

Happy birthday Dad! — Today is my dad’s birthday. He would be well over a 100 if he were alive. He played the accordion. I always wished I had a photo of him playing.

It ain’t red – I finally bought a new car. This is not the ideal time and there weren’t a lot of selections. I liked my old car (until the day the brakes didn’t work) so I looked first at that model. I could get a new one with everything I wanted or a 3 year old one with 35K miles. The old one was $3K more than the new one so it was a no brainer. Neither were red. I will be driving a sedate old people’s color car. Boo! The good news is it wheels and working brakes and I’ll hopefully have it by the end of the month.

Speaking of wheels – I have been driving the beloved husband’s minivan when I need a car which is not all that often. It’s a lot like driving the Hindenburg and we all know how that ended.

That’s weird – I used to buy my birdseed at a farm feed store. The price was the best around. Since we moved the feed store is a journey so I was looking for someplace more local to get sunflower seeds. Walmart had a price equal to the feed store which is at least $5/bag less than most other places. I get it in 40 lb. bags. I decided to have it shipped rather than picking up in the local store which is about five minutes away. I live on the east coast and it was in stock locally. They shipped it from Sacramento, California — way, way on the other coast. I almost felt bad for not picking it up. Almost.

I’ll never believe an eye witness – We drove past the scene of my accident. In my head I have a vivid picture of what the area looked like. I was way off. I could have sworn that there was at least 3 to 4 foot of vegetation that I drove through before I hit the pole. Nope. It was set just inside the curb. When I had the accident the weeds were high. Now it’s mowed and looks like a lawn (with weeds). This has changed my opinion of eye witnesses.

So how was your week?

57 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 15 – Birthdays, cars, Hindenburg, deliveries, eye witness

  1. Well the next car will be red and hopefully by that time, they’ll have computer chip issues and all the other bugaboos as a result of the pandemic will be in the rear-view window. I took accordion lessons for three years before we moved to the States, so from age seven to ten. We used to give recitals at nursing homes and for our parents as well. When we moved here, there were no music stores or otherwise offering accordion lessons so I had to stop, but the accordion is still in its case, in the basement. I played a mean “Lady of Spain” back in the day. My father insisted on me learning the accordion – he was German, so maybe he thought I’d join an oom-pah-pah band and become famous one day. 🙂

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    • Original plan was to have one until the end of the year. We may have done that but I hate driving the mini-van. I’m boogered up enough about driving without not feeling safe in a car so I went looking. It’s grim out there so I was lucky that I found one that had everything I wanted except for the color.


  2. I’m so glad you were able to get a new car, and it is interesting how expensive used cars have become. Crazy! And it’s also good to hear that you’re getting out there and driving some. It must be very anxiety-producing at times, but hopefully with the new car you’ll feel very secure.

    And your dad sure was a handsome guy, Kate. You always speak so lovingly of your parents, and I’ve enjoyed knowing a little about them.

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    • If I won the lottery, I’d have a driver. I’ve never really enjoyed driving like some people do. For me it’s a way to get somewhere I want to be. My parents are long gone but I still miss them.


  3. Happy Birthday in Heaven to your Dad! Congrats on the new car. I have heard that people in red cars are more likely to get speeding tickets- at least that is one plus to not getting red. 🙂

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  4. Your dad’s a good-looking guy.

    Last time I bought a new can, I thought something like robin egg blue would be nice, but most of the cars were white, black, beige, or grey. I ended up with white. My daughter was able to find sort of a neon-green car. She’ll never lose it in a parking lot.

    Same daughter (the lawyer) talks about how unreliable witness testimony is.

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  5. We were both contacted by attorneys after we witnessed a motorcycle accident two years ago. Both of us gave conflicting information, which apparently made no one happy. So, yeah, I agree about witness accounts. Tricky indeed! I was once given a minivan for a rental car, and I had to exchange it after driving all of one hour. I suppose I could have gotten used to it eventually, but why bother if you don’t have to?

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  6. The new car I bought 3 months ago was cheaper than the used one (a year old model with 4300 miles on it). I asked the GM why and he said “leverage.’ Don’t know what that means but got the new model with 7 miles and more upgraded features. So weird but color me happy about it.

    Having worked for the DA for a number of years, I know first hand that eye witness reports can be slightly exaggerated. Whenever in an accident or witnessing one, it’s best to write down your initial thoughts right away. They tend to be far more accurate than recollections after the fact. Our brains tend to create a whole other reality.
    P.S. Happy BD to your Dad in heaven.

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  7. I thought the same as Pam ~ your dad had a great twinkle in his eye! Good luck getting the new car and getting used to the new car.

    I’ve driven BFF’s Toyota Sienna mini van about 5x . . . in 15 years! It’s like riding in an elephant.

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  8. My mom went to law school when I was 8 and some days I went with her (snow days, school holidays). The best day was when a guy in a gorilla suit ran into class, picked up some notebooks, ran around the room, put them down, and ran out. The professor then had the students describe “the gorilla’s” actions and appearance. Everyone had a different memory of what he did and even his height.

    This is why prosecutors like camera footage!

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  9. I’m glad the car stuff is taken care of for now. And (from your response to another note) that this reno is nearing its conclusion. Lots of things off the to-do list. Always satisfying.

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  10. Your Dad looks like a fun guy with a twinkle in his eye – I bet he was a great accordian player. Put a checkmark next to “GET CAR” on your to do list – congratulations! How’s the reno project coming along?

    Hugs, Pam

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