Sassy cats — Gus, one year perspective

Gus in his hidey hole on day 4.

Gus here. My one year adoption anniversary was a week ago. The peep was still recovering so it went by almost unnoticed.

It’s been a good year. I was taken to a shelter when I was eight weeks old with lots of wounds. No one knew what had happened to me but they called it “bad shape.” When I recovered I stayed there. No one seemed to want a beautiful ginger boy. Some say I was too quiet and went unnoticed. I am quite handsome but I spent three years there overlooked on adoption days.

Sweet, sweet Mollie

A lady peep came in to the shelter. She was very sad because she had lost a wonderful cat a few months earlier. In honor of her Mollie she wanted to give another cat a loving home. All the cats were lining up and doing tricks but I stayed on top of the cat tree and watched.

I don’t know how it happened but I was picked. I had gone through this before and no one ever picked me. I wasn’t sure if this was good thing. I had a good gig at the shelter. We were in rooms with windows and perches. I had my friends and there was always food. Supposing this new peep would put me in a basement or have a dog!

I was put in a small room with windows and a cat tree. Best of all it had a closet. The peep let the closet room open just a bit so I could hide. She couldn’t be all bad but I was still scared.

Gracie: Don’t be afraid. This is a nice place. I came from a shelter too and this is better. I’ll share my toys with you!

I could hear other cats but they couldn’t come in the room except for Gracie. Gracie would come and sit with me for a few hours. We didn’t interact. We just sat in silence and peace. It made me feel good. There was someone like me here.

My eye got infected after about a week and there were drops. They stung and I gave the peep a hard time about it but it went away and it didn’t hurt anymore.

Then I met the love of my life, Sasha. I thought Gracie was wonderful. Sasha was a spitfire. She hissed at me and did growlies. She made it clear she wasn’t happy to have me there but I persisted. I didn’t react at all which perplexed her. What kind of cat wouldn’t hiss back? A smart one.

Before you know it, I had Sasha eating out of my paw. (Don’t tell her that! She thinks she’s the boss.) We are a couple. This is better than anything I had at the shelter. Gracie is ok with it all. Her job was to help me be less scared and she did it well. Morgan mostly ignores me which is ok too. No hisses or growlies and she shares her kicky toys with me.

I’m the only boy here (besides the male peep) so sometimes I’m swamped with estrogen but it’s nice. No battles for territory. It’s all mine. I’ve heard about the legendary Jake, who was the only other male cat that died a long time ago. I don’t have his swag. I’m an easy going kind of guy who likes the ladies. He used to call the peep Cupcake. I may do that because she is a cupcake to the cats. Maybe a little feisty to peeps but a very soft touch for us.

This is me in Mollie’s yurt. She’s the only cat who liked the yurts. It’s a little small for me and this is before I put on the “adoption weight.” RIP Mollie and thanks for paving the way for me.

I’m still celebrating my gotcha day. Maybe I’ll take my main squeeze out for some Fancy Feast later and see what happens. I have a stash of ‘nip saved for occasions like this!

67 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gus, one year perspective

  1. Gus: you ought to hijack the peep’s blog more often. I really liked hearing about your last year which went so wonderfully for you; quite frankly that year was so difficult for humans, with COVID, moving and a car accident and all. So, the bottom line is that you think you and Sasha are a match made in Heaven, but your peeps feel the same way about you.

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  2. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Boy did you lucked out finding your ‘Cupcake.’ You were adopted by a good one. The other thing that’s unbelievable is that you were at the rescue for 3 years. How could anyone not want to scoop you up and take you home is beyond me. Happy Gotcha day to one. very. handsome. dude!

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  3. Sweet and lucky Gus! Your story made me tear up, Gus! Three years waiting to be adopted, so hard! But you sure do have a wonderful home now, and how happy I am to know that you’ve had such a good year!

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  4. Hi Gus! I’m a ginger guy too and I just wanna say Happy GOTCHA even if it’s a little late – because GOTCHA days are wonderful celebrations. Your peep saw you – you weren’t showing off or trying to make points – you were calm, cool, collected and handsome and it got you a forever home! I think it’s quite cool it turned out your ladylove was there – I’m an “only” myself but I’m OK with that. I get all the attention, treats, brushes, toys and snoozing spots to myself! I love your story too – I was your polar opposite at the shelter. I was so happy I was dancing non-stop. Mom thought it was “cute” and Dad said “what’s wrong with him??”….HAHAHA…..I like to dance when I’m happy and I’m happy 24/7. Let’s hear it for gingers!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  5. Happy Adoption Anniversary, Gus! I am totally befuddled that you were not chosen on adoption days for three years. I am happy the Lady Peep spotted you. You had to be a furry ginger gift for her sad heart. And Sasha found a sweet boy cat! This is a touching story, Gus. The Lady Peep took some lovely pictures to go with your kitty thoughts♥

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    • Gus: I am a handsome dud. I think it was because I was quiet. I didn’t jump around or put my paw out. Those are things to do to get adopted (they are in the “Kitty Adoption” book we all get at the shelter). I was a little shy but the peep likes shy.

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    • You often wonder what cats think. They don’t like change so if they adapt to shelter life well maybe anything else is scary. There was one older cat that followed me around. I think he was surrendered when he was old and was looking for a more home like environment. I felt badly for him. I wanted to adopt them all.


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