Sassy cats — Getting ready

Gracie here: This week we have a contractor coming to enclose an area for a music room. There will be French doors to close it off and soundproofing to keep the noise down. We think it may be our caterwauling room too. A good place to exercise our lungs. The biggest issue is that it will take a week. That’s a week of Sasha being weird and staying under the bed or in her new hidey spot in the basement. We hope it goes fast as the lady peep is still recovering from her accident. She has learned from us that napping is a good thing. Hard to nap with strangers in the house.

Aside from all the furniture getting squooshed together to make an area for the work to be done, it’s been a quiet week. Peep is getting better which is good as our purr machines need a break. Here are the lovers.

Morgan wants in too!

Have a good weekend. Burp. Sorry too much catnip.


61 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Getting ready

  1. Purrs are the best medicine for peeps…
    Hope there’s sanctuary somewhere quiet for the redo…grrrrs will happen.
    But French doors and a night time gymnastic adventure course of furniture just for cats until it’s done. Sounds almost as good as catnip…not really…there must be catnip

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  2. Thanks for the pics Gracie! They are adorable. A new room for tail thumping and wrestling around sounds good!! Now, when I see pics of the lovers and think, “get a room”, they will have a room!

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    • We got sort of lucky. He was supposed to start Monday but he’s starting later in the week. Normally I’d be bummed. I am elated. We had to move furniture to make room for the work and I can’t do that. Luckily a friend stopped by.


  3. Do the peeps play instruments, or do they just listen to other peep’s music? Hopefully, the work being done won’t take too long or cause too much fretting and such. Good of you and the rest of the cat clan to be so kind to your lady peep.

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  4. no worries Moragn, we are familiar with that…and better burps from cat nip than from sardines in oil, right? we hope it goes smooth and your lady peep feels better and better and she can furget that bad day with enjoying the new muzak room…

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  5. Always love the pics! And nothing wrong with a little too much catnip, enjoy the nap Morgan. šŸ™‚

    Good luck with the music room! And keep healing! Hope things don’t get too noisy for you with the construction.

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