Random 5 for July 18, 2021 – Time, Fitbit, cars, ads, reunion

Good grief July is half over! – July is the one month out of the year that I always feel flies by more so than any other month. It’s a full month with 31 days but somehow poof and it’s gone. Back to school ads start to pop up and advertisements for Uggs. How can that be?

Waiting on Fitbit – I’ve been a devoted Fitbit customer for almost two years now. I’ve let it influence my life and keep me on my toes (exercise-wise). Since my accident I’m not hitting the milestones. I thought for sure they would send me a fruit basket. They must know that something is up if I’m not hitting my 10K steps each day. A basket of peaches would be nice.

Searching the internet – I’ve started looking at cars on the internet. That’s enough to make you sick. I don’t have a lot of requirements. I’m retired so I don’t put a lot of miles on the car. My Starbucks drink has to fit the cup holder; I need seat heaters and it has to be red. I’d also like the safety features like back-up camera and lane sensors. In order to get seat heaters, I need to get the upgraded model with a roof rack and moon roof which I will never use (explain the connection to me please?). Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Getting stalked – Lately I’ve been stalked by earwax ads on the internet. I’ve never googled it nor looked at any products for it so what gives here. Another algorithm gone wonky. BTW the pictures are disgusting! I’m not posting any. You’re welcome!

Reunion! – Looks like we are having a reunion this year. Everyone but the kids under 12 are vaccinated. It will be great to see everyone. It’s been a long time.

So how was your week?

64 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 18, 2021 – Time, Fitbit, cars, ads, reunion

  1. Great you are having a reunion this year! As to the car, I don’t get the correlation either. I think about getting a bike after retirement as I’ll have more time to ride and Michigan has some really great trails not far from me, but don’t like the contraption you have to put on the car to carry it around. I have a four-door mid-sized car with only 8,600 miles, Did you think about leasing one? A friend of mine said their financial advisor suggesting leasing as they live in a small town and just don’t rack up miles, so the low miles is a plus if you lease. Since I had my last car from 1988 to 2009, I hope to keep this one for as long before taking the plunge. I honestly don’t drive much – 8,600 miles and eleven years old.

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  2. Recently my husband mentioned “C-Pap” machine while talking on the phone to his sister, and right away ads for C-Pap machines started showing up on his FB page. So, like, somehow our private conversations are being overheard? Because that’s a pretty outstanding coincidence. I mean, the conspiracy theorists have always thought so, but I was never as paranoid as that. Now I begin to wonder.

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  3. Im at ER trying to get Felix’s ultrasound. I finally got a newish vehicle. My old was 20 years old, so the newfangled gadgets annoy me except for the camera. I got a 2019 Infiniti. Warning: very few cars available as they are out of chips.

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  4. I’ve been looking at cars online, too. It’s nutty. I want a few features like you do, but from what I can tell you gotta buy all the fancy details to get the few you want. Sneaky, but what do you expect? Buying cars is always a game.

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  5. Congrats on the family reunion happening! Hurrah. Surely that’s a sign things are semi-normal?

    Having just purchased a new car, I feel for you. Rather than drive to multiple dealers (good luck finding a used car-they’re practically extinct here in Denver-demand has been way too high), I used CarGurus to customize filters what I was looking for. You can check out the dealers for reviews and then determine which ones to see. Once I narrowed down the make and dealership, it was easy finding something. Luckily I found a great deal and was treated well when I went to test drive. Good luck!

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  6. As if car decisions aren’t bad enough – this chip shortage is making availability and limiting what you have to choose from. (Love your criteria!)
    Ear wax stalker? Sounds like someone has a list of ages of those who sought medical treatment recently – and decided with you had ringing from ears complication from COVID or accident. It’s all too creepy for me!

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  7. No sweet peaches here yet, but had some wonderful tomatoes last week. I haven’t hit my Fitbit goal steps all month. Just too hot and humid to walk any distance. Great that you will have a reunion! After the past year, it will be extra fun to see family face to face.

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  8. Yes, July just rushes by. A couple of days ago I tried to buy some shorts at my favorite ladies’ clothing store in town, and they’re all gone. They have some nice puffy jackets, though.

    The first week of August we’re having our high school reunion–60th. It’s outside, but I’m sure there will be lots of unvaccinated people there. With the spread of the Delta variant, I’m getting cold feet.

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  9. July has flown by, I don’t understand those ads either, Fitbit only wants to sell you an upgraded model, we’re looking at cars too, and it is at the top of the list of things I do not want to do. The only time we use the sun roof is if we hit the button by mistake, but we were told the same thing – safety upgrades = sun roof. Thanks so much. 🙂

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  10. The ridiculous packages for cars are RIDICULOUS! Sports package, premium package, executive package…. they just want you all confuzzled. I am tickled that you are going to have a reunion. Cracks me up that your first requirement is a proper cup holder that accommodates your Starbucks drink… why not? SSNS has issues with that for his stainless steel coffee cup on the go.

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  11. Car shopping is the pits! I would be glad not to ever have to do that again, but I suspect there will be at least one more opportunity in this life. Pet sitting less will help with the mileage for me.

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  12. I’m happy to hear the reunion is happening this year, Kate. That’s great! I couldn’t survive without my seat heaters. Like Nancy, my Honda has a moon roof. It’s nice to have the extra sunlight on cold winter days.

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  13. We’ve had some DELICIOUS FL & GA peaches this summer ~ sweet, juicy, perfect texture (not too hard, not too soft, not mealy)! We must be living right!

    I have a moon roof on my Honda. It’s an occasionally nice feature to have on a day when you want to drive with the top down . . . and way easier than a convertible.

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    • My old car had a moon roof and I never once used it. I have to be careful of the sun hitting my eyes. I bought some peaches last week and was disappointed. They should be wonderful now. I must have gotten a batch that was either picked too early or held too long.


  14. Eek, back to school ads. Our schools only broke up on Friday. I will have to google a moon roof. I have heard of a sunroof. We are supposed to have freedom day on Monday when we can stop wearing masks. Our health minister has just gone down with the virus and Boris has to self isolate as a contact so it’s not going well. I hope you have started to feel better. I did not realise you were going to need a new car.

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  15. Gosh I get those ear-wax pop up ads too and they are truly gross. I can’t seem to make them stop and I haven’t (nor hope I never have to) google that! Yay for a family reunion. We never had enough family to have a reunion but I’ve always thought it would be fun. Happy Sunday!

    Hugs, Pam

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  16. Every month seems to fly by for me, Kate. I was a devoted Fitbit user until my last one died. My new different counter asks me whether I have died.🙂 Constantly improving tech. A great word “stalked.” I wonder how I get on someone’s radar for something obscure. Yay about your reunion!

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