Another round of odds and ends

My Uber drivers.

Here is a piece of advice — Don’t have an auto accident. There is a mountain of paperwork to be done. It’s due while you are not feeling well and at an emotional low. I was fortunate as I have a great insurance company. They were sensitive and considerate. Everyone I talked to asked me how I was doing and thanked me for being a customer (even though I just gave them an accident to pay out!). So far everything is going fast except for me. Not only do I need to buy a car but I have to find the courage to drive again.

Maybe I’m a dinosaur. I asked my Starbucks barista for a breakfast sandwich in the original cellophane so I could heat it up later. She said “you mean the plastic?” It’s a wrapper. I always think of plastic as something that is not as flimsy as a papery covering. Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe cellophane doesn’t exist anymore.

This doesn’t make sense. I had to call one of the tech companies I do business with. I couldn’t access any information on my account. The best guess was that somehow I had ended up with two accounts (although I could only see one) and my information was split. I was on the line with them for almost an hour. This is a techie company where I expect expert techie knowledge. What I got was a delightful customer service rep who was having technical issues with her system. What’s wrong with this picture?


41 thoughts on “Another round of odds and ends

  1. Cellophane is in my vocabulary too for goodness sake – plastic is like Saran Wrap and sticks to everything but wouldn’t be pre-packaged and wrapper – just now. Sigh … youth! You’re not a dinosaur. Me neither. Maybe you should share your insurance company’s name … I have Allstate for home/auto/auto club and my parents had them since 1966. No loyalty and not enamored with them, but I always feel it’s a hassle to change. I am sure getting behind the wheel will feel more comfortable after a while Kate, but I would be scared as well. I was with a friend, she was driving, and a semi-truck came barreling off the expressway into the merge lane where we were and we had to swerve to avoid it, going up the embankment, sideways. To this day, I cannot merge … I’ll go out of my way and take the service drive or surface streets because the picture flashes in my mind. I don’t even take the expressway anymore – they drove 15-20 miles over the limit and in the Detroit area, we have had now 25 or more random freeway shooting. Have feet, will plod along.

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  2. The terms Internet and security are antonyms. For the kind of fees they charge, you’d think they’d provide better service. Course too often those help desks are manned by kids barely old enough to work who seem to make it their mission in life to hassle boomers. Glad to hear you’re feeling physically better. Good luck completing the whole process which is a colossal pain.

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  3. Two accounts is apparently a common tech problem. I’ve been dealing with a duplicate account all week. And IT is like, “you can delete one, it’s a duplicate,” and I’m like, “how about YOU delete the duplicate,” and they’re like, “oh, we didn’t create it, we can’t do that,” and I’m like “why are you even here?!”

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  4. Cat Daddy founded a tea business who made a compostable fake cellophane made of wood pulp. He even used to get reviews written by idiots saying, โ€œHow can they call themselves plastic-free when they use this?โ€ Read the label, you dimwit! ๐Ÿ™„

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  5. So glad that your insurance company is at least being decent to you! Hope you keep feeling better! It is hard to get back to driving after an accident, definitely! Have you narrowed down the cars you want to look at?

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  6. I remember cellophane too (I’m old yeeeah!) . After I had a hard accident, I immediately hopped in the car again… it was like playing mine sweeper I watched all cars around me like a soldier in war… but I pulled through… hugs to you and all the good luck…

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    • I’m amazed at how difficult websites make it to find help. Even the FAQs are never what I need. I don’t do automatic renewal anymore because you can’t find the place to cancel on line and they make you wait a half hour on the phone to get through.

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  7. I remember being in an accident (t-boned in an intersection) and feeling a similar reluctance to drive… or a least enter an intersection without being sure everyone had stopped. And, I wasn’t even hurt like you were. I also remember how nice my auto insurance company was (of course, the other party had to pay). I’m glad you are doing better!

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  8. I really, really, really hope you feel better soon and are finished with all the accompanying paperwork and crud that goes with it in no time…or very little time.

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  9. I’m a dinosaur too…..cellophane is a word that I know and use (!). We are USAA-ers too and very pleased with them – great customer service. I say that because I had to spend an unpleasant hour on the phone this weekend with Verizon (phone/internet) and someone who was allegedly in customer service but had me on hold about five minutes while he “checked on something” – and he did that at least ten times. I heard his wife yelling at him and his dog barking in the background. I almost felt bad I was interrupting him at home (unless of course it was “bring your wife and dog to work day”. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Hugs, Pam

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  10. Iโ€™m happy to hear you didnโ€™t have to go through the runaround with your insurance company. We have Erie insurance and we love them. I had them cover my first home in Virginia and have never used any other company. I hope you feel better soon, Kate.

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  11. I’m glad your insurance company is a good one that is paying attention to the fact that you’re not at your best right now. I’ve dealt with insurance companies who work hard to make sure they don’t have to pay out, even when it is clearly their client’s fault, and it is a misery.

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