Sassy cats — Getting back to normal

Sasha here today. Gracie got in the catnip so she’s useless.

We do it best!

Eat, bath, sleep. That is the cat mantra with an occasional poop thrown in. Florence Nightingale (that would be me) and companion (that would be Gus) were keeping the peep company for a daytime nap.  Unfortunately there was no room  for the male peep.

While we were napping Gracie (before the catnip) was tracking bird migration. Or maybe just birds!  She’s so skinny she fits on the ledge.

Morgan was MIA for pictures this week. We think she’s negotiating better benefits in exchange for her modeling.

We all wish you a great weekend.

35 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Getting back to normal

  1. The Sassy Cats look back to normal… relaxed, happy. I don’t think we are near normal yet and like you, I don’t think we know what normal is anymore. We had an appointment for the Master bath redo and I just couldn’t do it. Too much bad news on the variant and I just don’t want strangers in our house right now. I’m just done. At least I have the Sassy Cats to look at this morning. Have a very peaceful, easy weekend!

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    • I would feel the same way. We are looking at a kitchen renovation in October. It’s not bad here as the vaccination rate is high and infection is low but you never know. Not looking forward to strangers in the house for a few weeks even in the best of times.


    • Yes. It’s been slow and steady and we are all recovering. I’ve been amazed at how such a minor injury can cause such pain and affect movement. I have a better understanding of how auto accident people can get hooked on pain pills.


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