Sassy cats — Another week

Gracie here. Tim off was great but no one does the news like I do. The peeps got me a new throne. What do you think? It’s Gracie sized! I have to be careful. Boxes don’t last long here. The peeps call them “indaway” or (gasp!) “trash!”

Breaking news! There is talk of a V-E-T trip. Several vaccines are overdue and Gus has gunk in his ear. The peep cleaned it twice this past week but it’s still gunky. He hates getting his ears cleaned and he hates a vet trip. Unfortunately this ear thing won’t coincide with any vaccines he needs. I won’t tell him but it makes me giggle. Watch out for carriers sitting around. That’s never a good sign.

Morgan with her beloved post-its. Nom, nom, nom

Morgan continues to monitor the supply of post-its. Let no paper go unchewed. Most statements have a bitemark or two. Peep rolls her eyes.

In the meantime, I (Gracie) had a barfy week. I barfed on the peep’s fabric and paint samples. I don’t think she was happy about that. I try to stay strategic with my projectiles. Never on solid flooring. Always something interested to clean. I like lots of texture. Nooks and crannies are best.

No post is complete without these too. The peep takes these pictures every week. They all look the same but you can’t get sleeping cats to pose.

Gracie, signing off!

Here is a thought from a cat’s perspective and it’s true. Have a great weekend!



55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Another week

  1. I hope Gracie is feeling better. I didn’t like the sound of that, for sure! And the Vet? Did that happen? You can tell me in code if it hasn’t happened yet. They may read your response and go into hiding!

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  2. Gracie – I hope you’re feeling better by now and I did get a kick out of your strategic planning for barfing. I’m sure the peeps, who are busy with home improvement right now, would rather you come up with an alternate plan, like using a small bucket perhaps?

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  3. Awwww……..Gracie in HER box – cute….but the canoodlers – now that’s just precious! Barfing is something our Ted has only done TWICE in his five years. Always seems to be related to the occasional treats he gets. Always on the rug…….always hard to erase ALL evidence of!

    Happy weekend!
    Hugs, Pam

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    • You are so lucky. With the 4 of them some weeks it’s 5 days of barfing. Mostly it’s Gracie and Sasha and mostly it’s from eating too fast (and maybe for Sasha too much). I haven’t seen Gus barf yet. Oops! I better go knock on wood or somthing.


  4. Boss Cat: “Human training is tough. Sometimes I have to sit in front of the computer monitor and she still doesn’t feed me. Then I have to employ paws. Then claws. Then jaws. And why? In the end, she always feed me. Maybe someday she’ll learn to feed me immediately.”

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