Sassy cats — And the beat goes on…

The feeding challenges continue as the grays have no interest in eating in my bedroom with the door closed so the other two won’t steal the food. We are still playing musical chairs and I am one of the prison guards! One day it will come together!

Gracie is the smallest and although she’s not a bully, she will stand her ground even against her fellow gray! Gracie owns the loveseat in the front of the house (which still looks like a construction site!). Morgan attempted (key word there) to take a snooze on the loveseat. There was a battle (all those pictures were blurred). This is how it ended up. Gracie on the soft cushy loveseat and Morgan on the wicker chest (picture above).

This is the discussion that resulted in head womps and Morgan’s (the cat on the floor) move to the wicker chest.

Gus is off this week. Something about poker night with the boys but here is Sasha looking sweet and innocent (which she is not!). Floofy she is!

I love the way she sleeps. You can’t wake her up unless it’s dinnertime. Sometimes she won’t even open a slitty eye to see who is stroking her. Wish I was as trusting.

We all wish you all a great weekend!


53 thoughts on “Sassy cats — And the beat goes on…

  1. Sasha looks like such a character πŸ™‚ My grandparents had an ancient old cat that looked similar to her – I think his name was Tom. He had half an ear missing, was always covered in fleas (he lived in the stables to keep the mice and rats down), but was probably the most affectionate cat I’ve ever known.

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    • Maybe the characteristics go with tuxies. She is shy and will not come out for strangers. However, with us she has no filters. She’ll hop in your lap when we are trying to eat dinner or put her butt in our face as we watch TV.

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  2. Once again I marvel at their individual personalities. They really are a wonderful family! Hope you all have a tremendous weekend. Just enjoy your lovely new home–if you can find a place to sit!

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  3. Interesting the dynamics of the grays. Little Gracie means business and Morgan knows it or doesn’t like confrontation OR gives her the pass? It would be fun seeing the personalities working out or head womping it out, even the paw of nope. It seems pretty peaceable there. It’s always a treat to see the Sassy Cats on Fridays!

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    • It is peaceable. There are no real cat fights. I always enjoy Gracie as she asserts herself. Most of the time she is absorbed and oblivious of what’s going on around her but if someone interferes with what she wants to do there is hell to pay! Morgan mostly is a peacekeeper. Once in a while, Sasha will get on her nerves and the paw of nope comes out. Sasha is playful and full of piss and vinegar so she can get on anyone’s nerves on occasion. Most of the time it’s adorable (to Gus and peeps).

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