Sassy cats — More pictures

Gracie is washing Sasha’s head. Must have been dirty or full of some kibble!

More bath time! You can never be too clean!

Trying to nap on an exhausting summer afternoon!

Morgan is definitely sleeping here. The question is Dan snoozing or reading?

From our house to yours, have a great weekend!

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — More pictures

  1. We are bathing a lot here too. We hear the humans are carrying some kind of virus around and we don’t want it!! Plus, getting enough naps in is harder these days because they never leave the house! Keep up the good work guys!

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    • He often falls asleep while reading. Usually his head hangs a little more and it looks like he’s checking his belly button except his eyes are closed. If you nudge him, he always denies sleeping! 🙂


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