Gone fishing — just pictures

This summer with all the rain and sunshine and heat, the landscape is lush and beautiful.  All pictures were taken this morning.

The back door!

The pond is gorgeous. All three colors of water lilies are blooming at the same time. You can’t see them here but they are deep pink, yellow and blue.

The window box. The torenia took over this year!

Have a great day!

86 thoughts on “Gone fishing — just pictures

  1. Your environment looks very lush! I have wanted a koi pond – in the house! There are too many predators in the area for koi outside. Does your pond have any fish? Besides, keeping the fish alive in a severe winter here is very difficult. So I wanted one in the house. My husband (an engineer) talked about how we could do it, but in the end, it was a “no.” After all, an indoor pond trades the raccoons and owls for house cats and dogs. It’s just a dream for me. I’m jealous of your gorgeous pond and happy flowers!

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    • Yes I have fish but they are goldfish. We get the occasional heron but not too many predators. I have a bubbler I put in for the winter and I haven’t had any trouble keeping a small area open. That’s really all you need. The fish are very hardy. My pond is 26 inches at the deepest and the fish semi-hibernate there.

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  2. What a welcoming house and yard. That window box really is so happy it’s overflowing with joy. Love the tall planter on the from porch. (I’ve looked at some. Any worried about it getting knocked or blown over? Do you fill the bottom with bricks? Just looks so stylish with the flowers closer to eye level as a person walks up to the door.)
    Lovely post

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  3. What GORGEOUS photos! Things look well watered and happy there – we’ve been “frying” in heat in the 100 range and NO RAIN – at least until last night when a big storm brought us some rain. It’s too late though for most flowering plants – they are fried as is our lawn. We know next Spring will be beautiful though…..so we’ll just be thankful we got some rain and hope it brings a pretty FALL !!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty of summer though……it looks spectacular!

    Hugs, Pam

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  4. Beautiful flowers and landscaping – the pond is lovely and I can see the water lilies fine. You must like sitting out here basking in your hard work. As hot as it’s been here in SE Michigan, we’ve had so many torrential rains lately that the grass is pretty lush, just like Spring and the blooms in pots and baskets are plentiful.

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    • It’s a good year for the window box. It’s at a weird location as one side gets more sun than the other so I have to be careful with flowers. Not quite sunny enough for all geraniums, yet too sunny for some shade flowers. With a mix it’s hard to tell and throw a sweet potato vine in to melt it all together and you’re golden.

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