Sassy cats — Here comes summer!

It’s time to open windows and sit on sills! Here Morgan and Sasha are sharing. Let’s listen in to their conversation.

Sasha: Why do the doggies have collars with ropes attached. Are they taking their peeps for a walk? Would their peeps get lost without guidance?

Morgan: No little grasshopper. Dogs must be trained and restrained. They are not as smart as cats. We are born wise. We are not meant to be leashed.

Sasha: Is that why we thrash around when we are put in a carrier where the porthole takes us to the V-E-T?

Morgan: Yes. We are supposed to be free! Always free except at dinnertime when we have to convince the peeps with thumbs to open the cans.

Sasha: Isn’t dinnertime all the time? I like to eat ALL the time.

Morgan: Yes and your body is looking like it. During our next lesson, you will learn how important it is to stay slim so you can squeeze through places you are not allowed. It’s also good for taunting dogs then slinking through the fence to the safe side.

Sasha: Cool!

Gracie is enjoying her spot too. She rarely sits on a windowsill so this is new for her. There must be something going on inside that’s more interesting than birds singing. Maybe it’s the dinnertime call.

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Here comes summer!

  1. When Teddy used to wear a harness and leash for “out” WE felt like WE were the ones wearing the equipment….LOL…..he’d guide us around…..most of us know that our cats believe in their little hearts that WE are THEIR pets!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Morgan is our “ek ek ek” cat when it comes to birds. Sasha believes in buffets. Lots and lots of buffets. She tries to trick you into feeding her earlier than dinnertime too so you have to watch. She is very vocal so she would be a hard cat to put on a diet. The neighbors would call Cat Protective Services.

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