Sassy cats — Slow news week

It’s been a slow week here. We all have some cabin fever even if the cats don’t go out. They think the house is too people-y! Lots of napping.

Mollie is waiting for her vet appointment on Tuesday. In the meantime she is sleeping most of the day away. She was lucky to get a nice day to sleep on the sill of an open window. That’s one of her favorites.

The grays have been hanging together and are very clingy. Velcro cats. They must be picking up the anxiety from the peeps.

Our house sends you wishes for a good weekend.

73 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Slow news week

  1. Same to you, Kate. Stay well. Do you have to take Mollie inside the vet or do they take her from you and you wait outside? I wonder if they’re doing with pets what they do for two legged creatures.

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  2. The cats look content even if the grays are wary. I hope Mollie’s vet appointment on Tuesday goes well and there are no more follow-up trips there for a long while. It’s stressful enough going there without the worries of COVID-19 looming overhead.

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    • It’s the worst possible time for anyone human or animal to have a health issue. I won’t be able to go in with her. They will come out to the car and pick her up. Then I get to talk to the vet on the phone. There is something about looking at someone’s face to pick up nuances on what they are saying.

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      • I agree with you – Carol was very nervous taking Dudley in – luckily she has a good rapport with her vet, having had three cats plus taking some of the ferals she traps there to test for feline disease. The last time she had to leave him overnight so they could monitor his digestive issues … he was losing weight and no appetite. He came home the next day and is feeling fine now. She said she has so many types of food – all of hers good through phases where they like something a lot, then they look at it like they’ve never seen it before. Like you, she buys food/treats for multiple cats – she said it is a nightmare figuring it all out. She went back to dry food and they loved it. What hers don’t eat, she uses for the ferals – they eat anything.

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  3. Happy for Mollie. And fingers crossed on that vet appointment.

    I ran into a neighbor with an elderly dog today. Only she didn’t have the dog. She’d had to put her down, and she was really sad that because of social distancing, she couldn’t be with her dog. Made me so sad.

    The good news was that her dog really loved the vet and was happy to go see “her friend.”

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  4. We have had our lock down extended by another three weeks. I am wondering how we can get our hedge cut so people can still use the pavement outside. I miss seeing friends and gossiping with neighbours. According to my google maps timeline I went 19 miles in March. It would be easier if we could see an end to it.

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    • We are still locked down until end of April but school has been cancelled for the rest of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets extended. Our state has been pretty strict with closures. They may try relaxing some. If people were more reliable (and listened) they could easily do that. Believe it or not, one of the biggest complaints is that our state liquor stores are closed. Priorities people!


      • Our off licenses are open. They are considered essential. The problem here is that Boris Johnson is out of action and no one else seems capable of making a decision. My grandson has just got a school place for September so I hope he can start.

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  5. Our house returns the wish for a good weekend to you! We are used to “alone-ness” with the two of us oldies being retired – Ted is getting the same attention he would have otherwise so he’s got no complaints. We are mentally adjusting to what we’re told will be the “new normal” but for us, the reality is it will pretty much be (excepting wearing masks of course!) pretty much what our normal has been for several years now into our retirement. Stay healthy and happy……that’s #1 !!

    Safe Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

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