Sassy cats — What’s wrong with this picture?

Aside from having three cats in a single frame, there are a few things odd about this picture.

It’s daytime and Mollie (tortie on left) is downstairs. She is an upstairs cat. She only graces us with her presence in the evening for an hour or two. (She has a few favorite TV programs.) She is not lying in the sun. Odd for Mollie who is a heat seeking missile.

Not much odd about Sasha (cat on chair). She is in her backward “c” curve sleeping position and partially in the sun. It’s somewhat odd that there are two “playmates” nearby and she prefers to sleep.

Gracie (gray cat on right floor) does not sleep on the carpet. She’s a soft, cushy chair cat. Maybe it’s the sunspot which is big enough for most of her body.

Morgan is no where in sight. She is most likely on the top of the cat tree upstairs enjoying a cat-free environment.

Wishing you all a great weekend filled with naps in sunspots!

80 thoughts on “Sassy cats — What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. It’s interesting how cats are such creatures of habit. Based on the time of day, I can pretty well predict where I can expect to find Theo. It’s beyond me how he knows when it’s after noon and time to move from under the dining room table to his favourite chair in the living room.

    Happy Sunday, Kate. Hope it’s a good one for you!

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    • My lap is a funny thing. Morgan only sits there in the office. The other three will sit there in the family room but not the office and only if none of the other cats are around. Once in a while Gracie will sleep by my legs on the recliner and Mollie is in my lap but it’s rare. They complain about personal space (like they give me any!).


  2. Here I was wondering what that light was coming from your window and shining on Gracie. We haven’t seen any such light in 10 days and counting.

    The kitties look snuggly. Have a nice weekend, Kate.

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    • We don’t really get sunny days in the winter but we will get a couple hours here or there. Today there is no sun at all. It’s not gloomy, just not sunny. You probably get the same weather we do only a day or two earlier.

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      • Yes, our weather is pretty close. We literally haven’t even seen a peek of sun in 10 days. The forecast says one more cloudy day (11 in all) and then sunshine on Sunday. Of course, it’s only supposed to last that one day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It actually fits my mood these days. Plus, so far our winter hasn’t been too rough. 🤞

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  3. The family cats in New Hampshire follow the sun spots through the house, especially in winter. If they aren’t, you know something is wrong.

    In sunny Southern California, I can only tell something’s wrong when they stop eating!

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    • Sun spots are prime real estate. We have a lot of windows all the way around so as long as there is sun, there is somewhere for them to nap. If there isn’t there are cat beds that are like igloos. Mollie especially likes those.

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  4. One thing you can count on with cats is that they keep US on our toes……we figure out what’s what with them and they CHANGE – – – – on purpose – – – – it’s a game for them and you have to admit, it’s kind of fun!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • I am so grateful they all get along (even with an occasional ear bite). That chair belongs to Sasha now. It’s where she goes for a good nap. If someone else is there she will give them a wet nose in their ear and they leave.


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