Sassy cats – The reunion as remembered by the cats

Author’s note: We hosted a family reunion this past weekend. The cats were not happy about the change in routine, sticky people and delays in dinner. Here are their thoughts.

Sasha: Are they gone yet?

Sasha: I am Sasha, prima ballerina and in charge of all nonsense. The humans had thousands of people here last Sunday and no one brought catnip. Not a tuna dish nor a crunch. No feathers, strings or grass. Don’t their mamas teach them to come with presents? What kind of rock concert has no grass? I stayed under the bed until the firestorm was over. My human had to coax me with some food. I conned her into a WHOLE can for me, me, me! #can’tbuymewithfood #maybeyoucanbuymewithfood

Morgan: The bloody residents had a bunch of philistines here last weekend. Loud and noisy. It was very hot. I napped until dinner which was late. I considered bringing a dead mousie for dessert. That’s a great way to clear a house.  #stickyhumansyuk #whereisdinner #nomousiesforyou

Gracie: I came down after happy hour to check for snacks. Nada. What a bunch of freeloaders. No prezzies for the cats. I gave the others a “no tuna” report. We considered calling cat protective services but were working on Morgan’s mousie angle. I rubbed some legs and allowed a few head scratches. They don’t get to spend time with such a fine feline at home. The humans were sweaty so I left fur on their legs. I prefer floofing my tail across their lips but it only works with lipstick or gloss. #hopingIdidn’tpickuphumancooties #humansneedfur #don’tmesswithcats #furrylips

Mollie: What? We had company? No presents? Whatev! #seniorcatdoesnotgiveafig

And that is the reunion report from the four felines.

69 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The reunion as remembered by the cats

  1. To those who attended the family reunion, I hope the cats’ comments have been duly noted for next year’s event. Mousies presented to the visitors would have gone over big I’m sure and that was one way to clear a room – your cats are no slouches. 🙂 PS – I note you have a new profile pic – very nice!

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      • Cat and a dog will be mad as they’re locked away from the party. They tie the Doberman on the corner up everytime they have a party – he barks all day long as he feels excluded. I don’t have any current pictures of me – not had a pic taken in eons (except for the green card and it is in B&W and they take it at an usual angle to display your ear) and the closest I got was a shadow selfie the other day. 🙂

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          • When I got highlights again (I let them lapse when I started working at home, along with contacts, makeup and curling my hair), the girl who did the highlights for years said “you are getting some gray – you need lowlights too.” So got it done and told a friend of mine and she wanted to see how it looked. First of all, I don’t have a smartphone. It was before Anne Mehrling took a selfie shot by holding her digital compact camera at arm’s length to take pictures (they came out great). I tried the bathroom mirror and all I got was the side of my head and part of my glasses for all the tries I did – never did get a good picture to send her.


  2. I loved this post! It actually had me thinking that Jake was telling you…”Cupcake, let the world know what the current residents think about this reunion nonsense!” Soooo much stress for you and the cats…and if there is a next time, you really have to hire staff! xo

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  3. Bwahaha…bark, bark, bark! We love the reunion report from the felines. And we tend to agree about rude Philistine visitors. Unless they pet or feed us treats us nonstop, they have little value. Glad you left cat hair on their sweaty legs.
    Your fur-iends,
    Sam & Elsa 🐾

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  4. HA! Well cats seem to know who they will be appreciated by: the other cat people. Teddy is social for about five minutes while he solicits appreciation and compliments from guests, then he leaves the room if he gets nothing for his effort in the way of a treat or toy. Oh well – I imagine if HE had a pile of friends over I’d find a hidey spot elsewhere to hole up until quiet returned too!

    Hugs, Pam

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  5. There seems to be a common complaint here… no presents for the Sassy Cats! I would have brought presents.. Hahaha! Mollie making me laugh out loud all by myself on the couch in the office. Well, they have their peep’s total attention now and the porch is free of sticky philistines!

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    • This is the first reunion at my house where we didn’t find a forgotten item afterward. However, the cats claim they are still finding people cooties. We are all a bit peopled out. It was very peoply all week starting with the reunion.

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    • We did have one guest who was clearly Gracie’s buddy. I’m hoping he went home with a furry leg as he as 4 cats of his own. It always makes it interesting when you come home with another cat’s scent on you. There’s hell to pay.

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