Sassy Cats — Photo shoot!

Here is Shasha and Morgan having a business discussion on the desk!

Shasha has been here for two months now. (I know! It seems like forever to us too!) She’s getting on well with the other cats. She’s more playful and energetic than they are but they take turns amusing her (along with various bugs and shadows on the wall).

The basket that Shasha is sitting in is located on the front of the lounge chair that Mollie is sitting on. Unfortunately I couldn’t get both in focus.

Happy cats, happy life! All the critters her (and the humans) wish you a great weekend!

51 thoughts on “Sassy Cats — Photo shoot!

    • Most of my cats have never had baths. I have had to wash Mollie’s hind quarters a few times when she had poop stuck all over it. Yikes! Somehow that always happened at 11 p.m. when I was tired and wanted to go to bed but if I didn’t, she’d hop on the bed!

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  1. Love that first shot in particularly. Seems like the ‘editors’ enjoy lounging about to the point of dripping off the desk. As for the second shot, bokeh is all the rage. People pay good money to learn how to do that kind of depth of field. 😁

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    • My family wanted to call her Groucho. I put my foot down on that one. She is a lady…sort of. She has a very funny white outline circle on the tip of her tail that’s very unusual.


    • Yes indeed! We have to cinco de mayo! A round of margaritas for all. Some cats fit in easier and faster than others. Hazel did not. She was fearful for a long time. Gracie was grumpy but we found out it was because she had bad teeth. (Note to self: Check to see what makes me grumpy!) Jake wanted to be an only cat.

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  2. Desk shot… she is certainly relaxed. Gotta wonder what Morgan is thinking. I am tickled beyond words that all is going well and that she is in your life and home. Wishing the hoomins and the Sassy Cats a great weekend with “porch time” and sunshine!

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    • She is a perfect fit. Even when the old cats get cranky, she doesn’t get aggressive but goes into a submissive position. Two minutes later they are playing chase. She is still very shy of people preferring to be unseen. That’s a conundrum for her when there is food out and people are between her and the food.

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