Sassy cats — Safe spot

This is the magic bag. I have opened it up only to have it stomped down so now I leave as is. The magic is not being inside but on top of it. Catnip bag nearby in case there is a need for medication.

Humans have a safe word (not that I would know anything about that!). My cats have a safe spot. The weird part is that it’s not under or in back of anything. If I wanted to, I could scoop them up for a hug, smooch or trip to the vet. It’s a bag.

Here is Gracie protected by its invisible walls.

I change out the bags when they get raggedy. It’s kept in the middle of my family room (and kills any chance of getting into House Beautiful). They will run from any spot in the house to that spot. It’s as if there is an invisible wall protecting them.

Hazel is safe from marauding humans or a zombie apocalypse.

Cats are just weird!

Here is Gracie with the old bag. Someone chewed on the edges. I had to buy a pair of shoes so they could have another bag.

Author’s note: I was not able to capture Morgan on it although she uses it too. Mollie, as queen and alpha cat, does not need a box to save her 7 pound self. She rules with an iron paw.

64 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Safe spot

    • She does. If she is on the king bed and doesn’t want anyone else on it, she will nudge them off with her nose. For some reason no one gives her flak. They just go. No paw wapping, no hisses, nothing. The boss.


  1. I bought some vegetables from a very smart organic grocery shop which came in a hemp sack stamped with this bag was grown. You have guessed it is my cat’s new bed. She ignores the smart play cat tunnel my daughter bought her.

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  2. I love these pictures, Kate! I love pictures and if they are pictures of the Sassy Cats then I am doubly happy! When our Z Cat was still alive she was all about bags and the crinkly tissue paper that sometimes came in them. Good Morning! I might be absent for the week, we have company coming from Missouri… hoping we can stay tropical wave and hurricane free, ha!

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  3. I find it interesting that each of them likes a bag. I wonder if one started it and the others just thought that seemed like a good idea, or did they independently gravitate to a bag? They are the funniest creatures! Always surprising!

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  4. Interesting your cats choose a hard paper bag as a safe spot when there are so many soft and cushy places for them to go and curl up and take in the rest of the world from that safe spot. I sure am learning a lot about cats from you and “cat friend” Carol, having never had cats or been around them myself.

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  5. My very shy cat chose the bed in the guest room as her safe spot. I’m not sure I could have picked her up for a trip to the vets from there but she would allow just about anyone to pet her (usually it was just me) if she was there. I used to feel horrible for her when we had guests and she had to temporarily give it up. She died many years ago cuddled in my arms on that bed… I know she felt safe.

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  6. My previous cat, Karma, would lay on anything and everything. Bags were exciting. Not that she didn’t go inside of things, too, but she laid on everything–even people’s shoes, purses, coats, packages, socks, trash, whatever. And wherever–floor, chair, desk, bed…she needed to claim everything that came into the apartment. πŸ™‚

    After Karma I took Annie for my son and DIL after their other cat, Sammy, died because Annie was afraid of their little boys and would hide all day and not come out until they went to bed. She had been a pregnant street rescue cat and I think maybe that is why she is the first cat I’ve lived with who will not go into a box or bag. I think she’s afraid of being trapped in there. She’s extremely shy and has never trusted people, but we have bonded after over a year now and she even sits with me in my recliner and in bed. I think she needed to be an only cat living with a patient older lady who is housebound and rarely goes anywhere–LOL!

    Cats! They are all different. Like snowflakes. πŸ˜‰

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