Sassy cats – Weird things my cats do

Bathtub has been cleared of all spiders!

Hazel – Every morning between 5:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. she  jumps in the bathtub. She stays there for 5 to 10 minutes and jumps out. That bathroom is only used by guests. There is no water leaking. Maybe an insect check? Good girl!

If it’s not 3 a.m., don’t wake me!

Mollie – She likes a nice pet around 3 a.m. You cannot ignore her or she will back her butt into your face (so you know it’s her!). I’ve learned to just reach out and touch.

Morgan with her beloved blankie

Morgan – Morgan has a blankie that she takes with her. I’m not sure about this behavior other than she sometimes treats it like a kitten and other times like a catnip toy. Whatever!

Gracie – She is the queen of making biscuits. For anyone not familiar with that term it’s when a cat kneads a soft surface with her paws. Gracie will make biscuits for 20 minutes. She often looks like she’s having an orgasm (don’t want to bother her then!). One of her favorite places is sneakers – anyone’s sneakers, while you’re wearing them. Sometimes guests are not sure what’s going on. A cat is pawing their sneakers in complete bliss. Welcome to my house!

We will not discuss the weird things the humans do. That’s a post for another time.

56 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Weird things my cats do

  1. My cat Moe does the 3:00 am thing as well. He bounces into bed and with a loud purr announces “Let’s cuddle!” then promptly plops down on my face. That’s okay. I’m usually awake, because at about 2:30 Jazzy brings his squeaky mouse to bed, throws it into the air repeatedly, then pounces wherever it lands!

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  2. What funny little rituals they have, Kate! I’m particularly interested in Mollie’s need for a 3:00 a.m. “scratch” and physical reassurance! The timing is certainly a curiosity. Although Hazel’s jump into the bathtub is rather unusual, too. They certainly provide amusements for their humans. And I’m entertained as well. 🙂

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    • Yesterday she cracked us up. The grays love the red dot. Hazel at a thumping 14 pounds follows it with her eyes. Yesterday she hopped off the chair (like a herd of buffalo) and started to chase it. That lasted like 20 seconds before she collapsed. That is her exercise for the year and I didn’t have a camera! To outsiders, Hazel would appear to have the least personality but that’s not true. She is quite the character but in a quiet way.

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  3. I love the very distinct personalities of Mollie, Hazel, Morgan and Gracie. It feels like I have meet them IRL.
    BTW – It was nice catching a glimpse of your voice on the video.

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    • They are all so different. We adopted Gracie because it was harder for her to find a home with one eye and she looked a lot like Morgan. She is nothing like Morgan. I call Morgan the perfect cat but she has quirks. She would have made a great family cat for kids. Nothing terrifies her including the vacuum.

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  4. Aren’t their little routines just so endearing. My daughter’s cats have been living with us for the last 2 years. They have their little habits and routines and I just love that so much.

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  5. Maybe it’s best not to touch on the weird things humans do. 😉 BTW, I had a cat named Sneakers because of her fetish for sneakers . . . and her four white paws (she was a tuxedo).

    Have a nice weekend, Kate. Hope it’s nice weather there like it is here.

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  6. Love it! Making biscuits, a cat favorite at our house, too. Our bathtub jumper looks for water remnants, and then listens to the water pipes below, swishing. I wonder if your hears that?

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  7. Mollie is like our Harley (he comes in around 3 for pets, always after having used the litter box). Morgan is like Sophie (she carries around a blanket or dish towel and cries). Woodrow is our master biscuit maker. He can go on and on and on…

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  8. I love the little quirks and behaviors that are unique to each cat. My kittie would get up on her hind legs and walk. I regret that I never got a picture or video of her doing it but I never knew when she’d start doing that. I love Gracie “making biscuits” she looks so content.

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    • If a kitten is taken from their mother too early that often happens. No one is clinging to me although occasionally (not now as it’s too warm) Gracie will climb on my lap for a nap when I’m watching TV.


  9. Watch out! They are probably online somewhere blogging your odd behaviors right now. haha When I had surgery, my cat Misty came and made bread on my stomach every day. I said she was using her healing cat power to make me well. I sometimes wake up early in the morning and Friskie is sitting on the nightstand inches from my face staring at me. Cats just do weird stuff.

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    • The Mollie butt kills me. I know she is doing that so I can identify her (it’s the cat’s way) but seriously? I am still trying to figure out why Hazel goes in the bathtub. Cooler? slightly hidden away? Spiders?

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      • I’ve decided it’s a cooling behavior. My cats do the same.

        Conversely, they will lie on any window sill as long as it’s in direct sun and cook themselves. (In Texas that’s plenty hot.) My bed gets this hot sun in the afternoon. About 5 o’clock they will line up on the side of the bed closest to the window. Like a bunch of old people on the sun deck of a cruise ship.

        Cute post, thanks!

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        • I love that visual “old people on the sun deck of a cruise ship!” My two oldest love the sun. The other two like it but aren’t quite as neurotic about it. Hazel is the chubby one so it could be to get cool.

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