Sassy cats – It’s all about the butts

Sometimes a human shoulder is just a resting spot for a butt. Hazel and the beloved husband taking a snooze.

Cats (and dogs too) have weird ways of identifying friends. My four cats live together but they can’t seem to tell who is who by looking. Positive ID often involves extensive butt sniffing. Extensive. Really close. Too close.

Maybe they think all gray cats look alike. Or even all cats look alike. Their vision is different from ours – better in some ways and weaker is others. Or maybe they are just fascinated with butts.

The good news is that this behavior didn’t make it to humans (except perhaps for the work place). I admit that sometimes I’m not good at visual ID but I’m ok with that. I will not resort to sniffing anything.

Back to butt ID – in addition to being disgusting, most pets offer their butt to their staff for an ID check. Umm…I’m good. I’ll go with my visual.

Here is Mollie sprucing up for a butt check. Or as we call it, digging for gold.

They work hard to keep themselves clean.


Afterward they come to the staff for a hug or a lick or some reward. “Look human I’m clean and good smelling!” I always ask where their nose has been but they aren’t always honest. (Never trust a purring cat!)

I have resisted taking butt smelling pictures so you will have to imagine it!

We never do that. Well, maybe once. It’s harder to see with only one eye!


44 thoughts on “Sassy cats – It’s all about the butts

  1. Sometimes after visiting dog friends, we tend to hold Molly of a bit – we know where that nose has been! (Cats are much concerned about personal hygiene – just in case a friend might show up. We do a quick backend trim with RC if we can catch her before she realizes there are scissors…Long haired cats need a bit of assist sometimes – even if they don’t request it)

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  2. I’ve always seen that dogs do this, to the embarrassment of their owners at times, but I didn’t know that cats did it, too. Aren’t we humans fortunate that this isn’t necessary. On the other hand, I’ve been very embarrassed by the fact that at times I don’t have good visual memory and forget a face I should recall. I guess that’s a reality I will just have to live with. I don’t have a keen sense of smell either.

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    • Talk about embarrassment. I has a feisty cat. During a picnic I was hosting, she caught a bird, ate it and threw it up all within 15 feet of my guests. I couldn’t catch her. She was clearly enjoying the attention.


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