Random 5 for April 22 – Generosity, kids, falls, cancer, tomatoes

Tomato seedlings in a better year.

Cat people — I belong to two (yes two) cat groups on Facebook. (I know you are stunned.) They are full of crazy pictures and funny stories. Sometimes people ask questions or share information. Some members are very dedicated to cat rescue. This past week one member took in three very small kittens to bottle feed. One died almost immediately with another passing the next day. They all had feline panleukopenia, a very contagious viral disease that kills fast. Even though she had segregated them, some of her other cats caught it. Within days she was over her head in vet bills. The community came together to help out. Animal people are some of the kindest and most generous people in the world. We have been treated with several updates. The last of the babies is doing well. However two older cats are gone.

A sight not seen often – Yesterday we had a pleasant day. I went for a walk and saw real kids playing in yards. Ok only at three houses but I so rarely see that. I considered contacting the Smithsonian to record a dying custom.

Oops! – Does anyone else fall over nothing? During my walk I tripped, catching myself before I hit the ground. I think my ankle curved in but I’m not sure. The street was level with no divots or stones. I don’t know how to fix this.

More bad news – We learned this week that a young relative of a neighbor is not doing well. She was diagnosed recently with cancer that has spread throughout her body. There are many new treatments and breakthroughs but people are still dying of cancer.

Update on my tomatoes – Some of my plants are looking better. I lost the majority of my crop but I will have a few to plant. I can’t figure out why it happened. I did the exact same steps as last year which was very successful. I did catch my cat Morgan breathing on them. I wonder if cat breath is toxic to seedlings.

So how was your week?

64 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 22 – Generosity, kids, falls, cancer, tomatoes

    • I have about a half dozen now in all stages (because I did two extra plantings). If they rotted at the soil line, it was damping off, a fungus that hits young sprouts. I need to repot the oldest ones as they are getting too big for their pots.

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  1. Oh please, Morgan do not be predicting a hot wilting summer!
    My dad was the garden whisperer, but not me. I’m so lucky some large family vegetable farms that are open to do DIY pickers are nearby. Summer isn’t summer without fresh tomatoes.
    I worry about environment and diet may be discovered to be as big a factor for cancer as genetics …what triggers it in one person and not in another? Still baffled why several of the most healthy lifestyle (one a vegetarian most of her life) , yoga enthusiasts, non smoking, outdoor environmentalists were stricken. And you look at how the youngest kids are growing up indoors without windows, with so many “miracle” fabrics, under artificial lights, with little screens in front of them and don’t forget the cell phones – all you can do is hope we aren’t setting them up for illnesses down the road.
    Meanwhile, coffee and chocolate. Even if it doesn’t protect you, it makes you feel happier!

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  2. Hello. I’m new to the blogging world and enjoy your posts and cat pictures. I moved to a warmer climate and am learning all about gardening and have my very first tomatoes growing now. Very exciting. …and not only do I trip over nothing…I choke and cough on nothing as well : )

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  3. What a heartbreaking story! I can’t imagine how she felt about losing the two kittens, but losing her older cats too? Im glad she is finding both emotional and financial help from her cat community.

    I trip more now too. Mostly I chalked it up to inattention, but sometimes a curb or pothole will appear out of no where. If you figure out a good way to stay upright let me know.


  4. My heart just hurts when I hear of your neighbor and the Cancer in her family. It is indeed true that despite the advances, Cancer still exists and sometimes people lose the battle.I lost my first friend to Cancer while we were still in our 20’s, and I think of her so often. She had Leukemia, and today, I am confident she’d have beat it! Currently I have a friend with a daughter just trying to hold on. Her ovarian cancer returned…no need to say more. It breaks my heart. Tripping? Don’t let it be about age. I’ve been doing that since I was in my 20’s. I have NO idea how I do it! But I sure do! LOL!

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  5. Our week was definitely full of excitement with lots of things to do. I’ll tell you a secret – mom bought a new car! Wait until you see it. Piggy whistles. Of course I’ve been told that I will not be riding in it. Spoil sport that mom is. I mean really, right? Snorts with piggy laughter. And falling – mom does that a lot. Dad tells her all of the time that she trips over her two boats she calls feet. The look mom gives daddy when he says that is priceless….snorts! I send heals hogs and snout kisses to your sweet neighbor recently diagnosed. Cancer should be one of the words outlawed and not permitted to spread. Such a horrid disease. XOXO – Bacon

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  6. I trip less often when barefoot than when wearing shoes. 😀

    Sorry about the cats & the cancer, but thanks for the uplift from children playing outside. We have a pool within earshot. When there are kids swimming, I can enjoy their laughter.

    Hope you turn the tomato crop around.

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    • I am worse barefooted. I need a big flat platform on the bottom of my feet. There are homes around us with pools and even on the hottest days I don’t hear much going on. THERE WILL BE TOMATOES ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

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  7. So sorry to hear about the kitties and your neighbor’s relative – so many medical advances, yet there are always tragedies like these. You are right about animal people generally being nicer – so glad to hear the good news that folks helped the rescuer out a bit!

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    • Today’s update is that the little one seems to be recovering nicely but she has 4 other cats that are ill. It swept through the house. I’ve never had experience with this illness (also called distemper or parvo) but it’s deadly. My cats are vaccinated for it every 3 years.

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  8. I’ve lived in condos or enclosed communities for so long that I’m sort of used to not seeing or hearing too many kids. I hadn’t realized that even in regular neighborhoods they’re not really out much either. Is is the prevalence video and computer games, or a concern from parents about their safety outside? – Marty

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    • Probably that and organized sports for kids. So many kids attend after school sports sessions, either games or practice. That limits the time for a neighborly “kick the can.” When I was a kid there weren’t all those activities. We had to make our own.


  9. A tender story about the community that pulled together to help that lady that took in the kittens. Yes, animal lovers and big hearts go hand in hand!
    I think you definitely should have contacted the Smithsonian! 🙂

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  10. Sorry about your tomatoes, Kate. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy some of your crop. That’s sad about your neighbor. Last week, my coworker’s 22 year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. On a lighter note, Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

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  11. This post is such a true slice of life and the divergent mixture that it can offer at a single glance.
    I am very sorry to hear about the woman losing two of her cats, while attempting to rescue others. I am also so sorry to hear that we have not yet been able to fully beat cancer.

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  12. When I was still working, and had to interview a candidate for a job, one of the questions I always asked had something to do with animals. Do you have dog/cat? Oh, well do you think when you get a bigger place you might? Etc.! Truly those that are anti-pet (unless they are soooo allergic they would die) are not someone I want in my life on any level! Kudos and sadness to your friend that tried to save those kittens.

    I also wonder why, I can be walking along, minding my own business and my ankle for no obvious reason just turns and I almost fall too! Am grateful when I look around and it appears no on saw my “almost!”

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

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  13. So sad about the cat rescue, and the lady losing two of her own in the process.
    Equally sad about your neighbour’s relative. Here’s hoping there is an upside to that shortly.
    Our week has been varied……. pluses and minuses. Hubby’s ultrasound was clear and his INR is back under control. I got a thumbs up from Dr Happy. Shame about the new window and old cooker, but all in all, a good week I think.

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  14. Playing in the yard was boring so we used to hit the street (which had few cars in the 50s).
    Being acutely aware of foot and ankle problems I seriously hope yours is o.k. Falling over nothing gets to be habitual with the March of time. 🤔

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  15. I’m betting you’re stumbling because you’re thinking…writing an essay in your head. I’m always tripping but it’s because I’m distracted.

    I’m looking forward to your pond opening. Any minute I’ll hear ribbets from here.

    I remember playing in the backyard as a kid. Then you’d hear, Susannah, dinner’s ready.
    Kinder, gentler times in some ways at least.

    Cancer. Have lost so many loved ones I can’t count. Sorry for your neighbor…truly.

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  16. Interesting observations Kate.

    Cat people — I agree re animal people (most of them!), but that should not be a surprise. If we are prepared to change our family dynamics, lifestyle/routines and spread our finances a little further by taking care of an animal, it is surely an inherent character requirement that we are giving.

    A sight not seen often – It is sad that one rarely hears the infectious laughter of children simply playing and having fun

    Oops! – Absolutely. I trip over the road line markings!

    More bad news – I find it very difficult to accept all the millions raised for cancer treatments … but what is being done to research the root cause(s). Without wishing to be too (not sure what word to use here), it would seem apparent that huge profits are being made from treating cancer. Those profits would disappear if the cause was ever identified and addressed. Could our industries really be that callous in the name of profit?

    Update on my tomatoes – Yup …. cat breath. When we had two cats and two kids at the same time, it would appear that the cats were the cause of all issues.

    Nice Post Kate. 🙂

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  17. The story of the cat rescuer breaks my heart. How absolutely devastating to lose her family cats while trying to rescue the kittens. And for the kittens to die – I know she was vested in their outcome and that hurts too. Sometimes having a caring heart really hurts. The world needs people like this, but it takes a special strength to keep going.

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    • She is amazing. Last count her vet bill was over $2K. This all happened within days. All the cats need fluids and a bag was $250. The group helped and I expect the rescue did too. Some vets discount for rescues. She posted a memorial to her two older cats and I doubt there was a dry eye anywhere.

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  18. Bummer about the tomatoes. Maybe the ones that survived will get super lush with all the extra space?

    Rescue is so hard and so heartbreaking. If it were only feel-good stories, everyone would do it. (Well, not the bottle-feeding part. That’s exhausting.) I’m glad the cat-people came out in force to show support.

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    • In a worst case tomato scenario, I will buy plants. I prefer certain varieties that aren’t always available. About two years ago, I went into our local Plow and Hearth store. I heard (what I thought) chirping. Not good. The doors were open and if a bird got in, it would be hard to get it out. I asked and it was a kitten that was a few days old. One of the staff had the kitten in her pocket. She had to feed it frequently and kept it on her. The manager allowed her to take the time and also kept her where she didn’t have to move inventory. I won’t ever forget Plow and Hearth for doing that. The kitten’s eyes weren’t open yet. I would be a massive foster fail. My standards for an adopter would be so high that very few would meet them. My pets have always had a great life and not all pets do.

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  19. When I hear kids playing outside, I actually go out and look to make sure I’m not imagining anything!

    I don’t trip over nothing going forward, but I’ve noticed that I have to be careful nowadays when I turnaround. It’s like someone tips the floor mid-turn!

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor’s relative. That’s rough.:-(

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  20. I stumble more than I used to, so I totally understand how you tripped on a flat surface. I blame it on the shoes I’m wearing because it couldn’t be me getting older, could it?

    I’ve got parsley and basil seedlings going inside right now, but no tomato seedlings– inside or out. Sometimes I wonder if seeds from different years are more or less hardy. At least that’s how I explain it when something that grew last year, wimped out this year. It’s never my fault!

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    • Of course it’s not my fault! The seeds were a year old although “they say” that doesn’t matter. The medium and container are the same from last year. I used a seed heating pad and a grow light just like last year. The only thing different is that I don’t remember Morgan breathing on them although you have to catch her in the act and maybe she did it last year. I just hope it’s not an omen for the summer. A weird summer won’t be my fault either. *hangs head*

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