Sassy cats – Updates from the crew

Morgan in background: That’s my spot!

Morgan – “I sniffed out another mouse this week! I would have caught it but Gracie was IN-DA-WAY. Even Kate didn’t get it on the first try. I kept an eye out though and we caught it a little later. Kate took it outside. I wanted to keep it to play”

Hazel in meatloaf position

Hazel – “I’m on this stupid DIE-t. Scales don’t move. I think it’s broke. They gave me diet cat food. Tastes like cardboard. I have learned how to jump three inches higher so I can eat Mollie’s food. She needs help with that.”

Mollie – “I’ve been enjoying retirement. No mouse watching for me. If only I could keep Hazel out of my food, life would be perfect.”

Gracie – “They tell me that I’m IN-DA-WAY.” I don’t know what it is but everybody gets all yowlery. Yesterday I was scooted away. Can you imagine that? No one scoots Gracie.”

Mollie looking exhausted after her yoga class. Tomorrow is bridge. Casino trip next week. She’s loving retirement.

48 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Updates from the crew

  1. IN-DA-WAY Gracie… Hahaha! You tell them Gracie… I know you have lots to say! Hazel I understand, I have not been able to drop one pound but I have to admit I have not been working too hard. I can’t stay away from CH’s semolina bread with buttah on it! Love the update today… 🙂

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  2. Look at Morgan’s expression! We have a Wednesday and Pugsley pair that sometimes look at each other that way. I have fun making up little cat conversations to go along with their expressions.

    The good thing about Hazel’s diet is it sounds like she’s getting exercise (the extra jumping) before she eats, so maybe she’ll lose weight even if she doesn’t eat the low calorie cardboard stuff.

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