Sassy cats — summering on

Gracie: I got it! I got it!

Here are more pictures of Gracie enjoying her feather on a stick. Sometimes she uses puppy dog eyes to get someone to play with her. Works for the peeps but not for Morgan.

Gracie: Come on and play with me!

Meanwhile, back on the porch, Mollie is waiting for her modeling gig.

Mollie: Seriously, hasn’t Cat Fancy called? They must be doing Christmas shoots!

Here she is looking “pensive!”

Why aren’t they calling? Am I too tall? Too small?

This may be the reason why! (Notice another picture with her belly hidden!)

Hazel: Oh, no! I took a phone message. Some guy asking about an agent for a gorgeous cat. Told him no one here fit that!

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — summering on

  1. They are all beauties! Molly does have that model look though. I can’t figure why Cat Fancy hasn’t called. I think Hazel is just trying to get a hiss out of Molly with the phone call comment.

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  2. Cat politics…that Hazel. (She’s just protecting the emotional status quo of the household…models have such a stressful life…she’s just being thoughtful – so she says.)
    A pawsome bevy of beauties.
    (RC Cat is now sequestered and has told staff “Wake me when it’s over.” She asked staff to rely her appreciation of cat cohort encouragement.)

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    • They love having the door to the porch open all day. They love it best late afternoon when the worst of the heat is over and a nice breeze is swinging through. Cat’s always know the best spots to sleep or watch.


    • She has all the features of a Main Coon except she’s 7 pounds. She has the tufts between the toes and fluffing around the ears, face shape and long hair. She’s friendly and affectionate too. Maybe a midget coon. Oh yes, and talkative.

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