Random 5 for July 30 – Projects, concerts, aging, routines, truth

The beloved husband hard at work and you’ll notice I’m no where in sight.

Another project done! – We aren’t “stone lovers” in a landscape. They are more difficult to work with if you want to change any plants and weeds still get through. However they are places where they serve a purpose. We put stones around a fully grown tree which would have been difficult to get a groundcover to grow under. The tree had a lot of suckers and we’re hoping this will help keep them down. The beloved husband finished the project earlier this week between rainstorms and high heat. We will put pachysandra around the perimeter and under the nearby bushes to soften the harsh stone look.

The best things are free – We had a slow melancholy rain earlier in the week. While enjoying the rhythm in my screened porch I heard music. Loud music. With just the right weather, the clouds trap sounds and we can clearly hear concerts at a venue nearby. Doesn’t happen all the time but it happened last week. It was so nice. Feet propped up. Drink by my side. Swaying to the music!

You know you are getting old when those stray chin whiskers are turning white. Yikes! The good news is that they are light and not as noticeable. The bad news is that they are wiry, curly and get long. They need to be plucked.

Routines change – With my gym closing, I’m changing my daily routines. I’m flexible and look forward to new opportunities but there is a sadness as there are some folks I won’t see regularly. The only thing that’s constant is change. My morning mocha latte will not change! No way, no how.

It’s been shipped – Really? I’ve been noticing that when I order on-line, I will get a notice that it’s been shipped with a tracking number. They advise to wait 24 hours before you check and there’s a reason for that. The notice does not mean that anything has shipped. It may not even be packed. Recently I bought something that didn’t ship until 3 days after I received the “it’s been shipped” notice. I don’t care but let’s be upfront about it.

So how was your week?



35 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 30 – Projects, concerts, aging, routines, truth

  1. How great that you can sometimes hear a concert from the comfort of your own home! Now that appeals to me! We have some landscaping Arizona river rock we’ve utilized in different parts of our yard, front and/or back, for more than 30 years. Our interest and needs have changed several times and we end up moving them. Just recently I spent a nice, hot summer’s day moving these rocks into a new area and my husband and I laughed that the day would probably come when we wouldn’t be able to do that any more. I’m not sure how I feel about that! 🙂

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    • We do that with shrubs too. They either outgrow the area or we redesign it. Then we have to find a new place for them and replant. At this point, I don’t enjoy doing that hard stuff anymore. I like to plant flowers and take care of small beds. We have eliminated many of our old flower beds into shrubbery areas to lessen the work.


  2. What a delightful picture! You with your feet up, rain pattering outside the screened porch, a cold drink, and the sound of a live concert wafting your way.

    I notice from ads on TV that these days young women are concerned about facial hair, even if it’s only peach fuzz. What? I never thought about facial hair until a few years ago when a few oddballs started showing up and begging to be plucked.

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  3. I love the picture of your husband, first of all, and remember when you got the camera.

    Strays hairs? Tweezers…in every room, so they’re handy.

    Sorry the gym closed but, now you can try something else. You could Zumba maybe. I friend of mine, older than you, swears by it, says it makes her very amorous.

    Hmm…I may be rumba-ing soon myself if that’s the case. Like taking your libido, who rumor has it, is galavanting wth yours, to Lourdes.


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  4. Could you tell who was playing at your free concert? We have some rocks around the front walkway and on a path to the backyard but too much rock is expensive. Our backyard is our next big project and I am looking around for ideas. I want LOW/NO maintenance! LOL about the chin hair. Reminds me of the three little pigs “not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.” Love that you keep plugging Starbucks! My daughter works at one while she is going to college and gets stock as a benefit 🙂 I’ll have to ask her about the drive-through issue. Happy Sunday, Kate!

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  5. Let me know if those stones work for the suckers — our pear tree has a ton every year.

    We’re getting a second Starbucks less than a half-mile form our house. This is is supposed to be a dedicated drive-thru. I thought of you!

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