Sassy cats — Resting up

Here I am (bottom cat) training Gracie (top) in the fine art of stalking mice.

Morgan here. It’s been a hectic week. That damn noise box on the ceiling went off one night. We had extra peeps here who chowed down on everything (and forgot to give us some) and I had to work nights this week.

Some mice snuck in and were ready to chomp on wires. That don’t make my peeps happy. I got three — one dead and two were scooped up and escorted out. (I would have gladly finished the job.)

Here is Gracie. She’s resting up. The little squirt has gumption!

The little squirt was in the way most of the time but I’m training her. The two old cats are useless these days. No help at all.

I’m taking the weekend off. Don’t call me.

I need me some shuteye!

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Resting up

  1. I love it that you let us hear Morgan’s thoughts. She is wonderful. And I especially liked how she proclaimed the older cats are useless!

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    • I did too but they are sneaking in. Everything is lush so there must be a lot of food outside (including under the bird feeders!). My husband has been looking for places to seal up but he hasn’t found much. Mice can squeeze through almost anything. Morgan still spends a lot of time on the bottom step. Makes me nervous.


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