Random 5 for July 9 – Bras, farmer markets, sales, nostalgia, smoke alarms

The dangers of farmers’ markets – It’s summer for sure. All the fruits and vegetables are coming in. We go to the local corn shed (which carries a lot more than corn) at least twice a week, sometimes more. It’s best to send the beloved husband by himself. If I go, we come home with a carload full of stuff. It’s hard to eat everything but we give it a valiant try.

Say what? – I had to go bra shopping this week. (My least favorite shopping) I was reading an article on bras before I went (hoping to learn something new – I didn’t). The article said most women wear a bra for a month before washing it. I find that hard to believe unless you wear it for only a few hours a day. Even then…a month is a long time.

Summer sales – Speaking of shopping, I picked up a couple of new tee-shirts to replace some old ones. Our local department store had a large selection – plain or print, scoop, crew or V-necks. Easy peasy or so you’d think. They have been running all sorts of sales. I bought four tees over a two-week period. (I like to buy one, wear and wash it before I invest in more. Sometimes they shrink quite a bit.) Despite buying all with different sales specials and coupons, I paid the same price within 87 cents for each. Sometimes I wonder what the point of weekly sales are anyway.

Nostalgia – I’ve been missing my Mom lately and I don’t know why. (She died in ’86.) There is no special date or birthday. Perhaps it’s the whole summer thing. I’m getting together with my family next weekend and maybe I’ll make one of her recipes to take. Cooking gives me a sense of closeness.

Just for the record – We are continuing to have smoke alarm issues. It doesn’t chirp. It goes off in full wail alert. You can hear it in the next state. It went off twice yesterday and of course once was at 1 a.m. Because of building codes, we have four in a ten foot diameter by the bedrooms. It is LOUD. We have (and when I say “we” I mean the beloved husband) determined which one is faulty and a new one is on order. We have to hump it out until Tuesday. The good news (if there is any such thing) is that Hazel, our tubby cat, is no longer hiding under the bed. I walked over and could have picked her up if there was a fire.

So how was your week?

This week I am featured on Donna Connolly’s Retirement Reflections. In addition to writing her own posts about retirement, she’s been hosting a Sunday series. You can find me here.




55 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 9 – Bras, farmer markets, sales, nostalgia, smoke alarms

  1. Farmers markets can be addicting especially if you find a really good one..:)
    It’s funny how missing a parent after many years comes and stays with you for a while. No explanation. It’s just there.

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  2. Hi Kate! I just read your delightful post on Donna’s blog! I’m in line for one eventually. When I started my blog (I was working, too) I went for a professional one on four generations. I bored myself with it and kind of gave it up. I piddled around with it for a while sporadically with more professional development topics (snore), then once I knew I was retiring in in 2014, I jumped back on the WordPress blog wagon and never looked back. Writing keeps me busy…oh I better get back to that guest post for Donna!! Nice to meet you!!

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  3. A month? Seriously? Good grief, I always wash new stuff when I bring it home from the store before wearing. A month? Creepy crawling skin feelings (so much I can hardly focus on the rest of the post….)
    Unexpected smoke alarms in the night are just too heart pounding – and once you know they are wonky, you just keep expecting them to go off again. I thought Molly was going to go through the window the last time one outside the bedroom decided it needed attention. Hope the gets sorted out soon!

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    • We (and I mean my husband) were able to by pass the faulty one. The new one comes tomorrow so hopefully this will all end. I would feel sorry for any dog who lived in this house when they went off. It was so loud! I levitated and ended up on top of my husband! (and not in an amorous way) Almost killed him.

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    • We did vacuum and change out the batteries several times. We concluded that that particular unit must be “bad.” The new one comes tomorrow. In the meantime, my husband was able to wire a bypass so we wouldn’t get another faulty alarm. The thing is that we both thought it was fire when it went off. It was terrifying.

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  4. Understand about you missing your Mom… sorry Kate. I miss my Mom, she died in ’87. This is her birthday month. Love the idea of you making one of your Mom’s recipes. I have a big envelope with Mom’s recipes and notations in her handwriting. Makes me smile.

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  5. So the wail was you! While I applaud you as a kindred coupon clipping bargain hunter I too wonder if all the hoops I have to jump through are for the fun and merriment of some marketing interns…Mmmm.
    You brighten my doorstep. Mom would be proud.

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  6. I’m sorry about your mom. I’m also really sorry to hear that about a month of unwashed bras. This has given too much fuel to my imagination, and I will be avoiding crowds from now on.

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  7. Have your cats have become immune to the alarms? Amazing! Surely they haven’t gone deaf since last week. If I had an alarming problem, I think I’d put an air mattress in the garage. I enjoyed your guest blog. The comment was correct — you need to be in a place where you can laugh freely when reading your posts.

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    • Only one cat seemed immune but it’s the same cat that got two unintentional snacks in the middle of the night last week. I think she was hoping! Thank you for visiting Retirement Reflections. Always fun to visit.

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  8. I love the Farmers Market…just the smells open up my wallet. Luckily I travel by train and not car or, uh-oh…I’d never see behind me.

    I’m envious you miss your mother. That means she’s worthy of your yearning. Mine was not I’m sorry to admit, but I’m happy for you.

    As far as your bra trials go…I haven’t wore one in so long that I have little advice except to urge you to do the same. Now of course, if you’re built like Jane Russell, I guess that would be out of the question, but there are advantages if one rivals Olive Oyle…:)

    PS Read your essay on retirement. Not sure my comment was posted…it said I had already said what I had said…alas…wordpress is nuttier than a fruitcake.

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  9. As all the rest said I agree with them about the bra. I am thinking.that the only logical reason.would be that the people interviewed have 30 bras, so they wear each one for just a day!
    My daughter helps out at the plant stand at our local Farmers Market.

    Hugs to you about your Mom! No matter how old we get we always need our Moms. I talk to mine several times a week.

    Oh No on the smoke alarm going off again! I thought of you last night for we were watching a movie and a smoke alarm went off on the movie. I came very close to having a 40 pound Sheltie jump in my lap!!

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    • The interesting thing was that when we went down to the first floor, where the offending alarm was, my tubby cat who I don’t think I could ever save because she hides under beds, was sitting on a chair. She didn’t move through the whole episode. I petted her and told her not to worry. She purred like a steam engine. Perhaps she thought there was a snack coming.


  10. Good Lord! A month!? I can’t get over that little tidbit. I live up near the tundra (Fargo), housebound, un-physical, and rarely go three days with the same bra. Usually two days, sometimes even one. That fact has me pondering who they interviewed and where–LOL!

    Good luck with the smoke alarm!

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  11. I can’t resist Farmer’s Markets. Even when I am on vacation (with no fridge, stove or microwave), I still feel compelled to pick up a few things every time I stop by. Raw corn anyone?
    Thanks so much for Guest Hosting on my blog this week, Kate. You are very popular!

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  12. We just had one start beeping in the early morning hours recently too. Hubs took it down to replace battery but we haven’t yet. When we redid the bathroom and had the new roof put on last year the inspector had to check to make sure we had enough of them all over. Craziness! A month for a bra washing? More craziness.

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  13. I wash bras after 2 days wear . . . and less than that if I get sweaty. So about 5 bras a week. Can’t imagine going a month before putting one in the laundry.

    Maybe that factoid came from Victoria’s Secret models who remain stationary and statuesque while pirouetting for the camera?

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    • If was from a survey of women (who obviously live near the tundra!) Love the reference to VS models. Women who aren’t busty or older (when they start to droop) don’t have the sweaty issue underneath! 🙂 It’s more like a belly band.

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  14. I hate bra shopping, and I was shocked by the, month between washing fact. It depends on if i’ve been sweating. In the winter I’ll sometimes do five or so days.
    I don’t think missing a mom ever stops, it hasn’t for me and its been since 93.

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  15. We have a smoke alarm outside our bathroom door (stupid place to put one) the steam wafting out used to set it off after every shower – damned annoying trying to hit the off button with my toothbrush handle (it was too high up to reach otherwise) whilst wearing a towel and cursing under my breath. We finally figured out a solution – putting in an extra exhaust fan (that sounds like a jet engine) to suck up the steam before it has time to waft.


    • We have so many in such a small area it sounds like world war 3 when they go off. I had an apartment where the alarm was in the kitchen. Went off every time I cooked. I kept a broom handy to knock it off.


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