Random 5 for May 10 – Mother’s Day, quarantine, crazies, event, upbeat


Mother’s Day – This was a particularly difficult week here. I did what I often do during tough times, I channeled my mother. She’s been gone for over 30 years but I still miss her. She was born just before … Continue reading

The Whiners


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I can’t stand it. If another person asks me about Obamacare I will go postal. My stock answer is, “it’s a website! Get over it!” It’s not really about Obamacare though. The whiners aren’t affected by it. That’s just the … Continue reading

Empty nest syndrome? Or just plain melancholy?


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The weather is beautiful and the social life is good. So why am I melancholy? Maybe because the neighbor moved out and I miss the people activity next door. (This may ruin my reputation of hating people.) Maybe life just … Continue reading