The Whiners

complainingI can’t stand it. If another person asks me about Obamacare I will go postal. My stock answer is, “it’s a website! Get over it!”

It’s not really about Obamacare though. The whiners aren’t affected by it. That’s just the complaint du jour.

A couple of weeks back they complained about the government shutdown. Yes, I know, most of us were complaining but the true whiners weren’t affected by that either.

There was the rising cost of gas…at least that was when it was rising. Not a peep now that the cost is down — not even gratitude. Of course it’s hard to have gratitude to the big bad oil companies because somehow this is benefitting them too. There is a conspiracy somewhere.

Before that they were complaining about the weather (it was either too hot or too cold or maybe even both especially if there were hot flashes involved), airline travel (secret desire to get frisked by a hottie thwarted by Big Bertha), Mondays (dang! no one brought donuts!) and being tired.

Of course they also complain about the cost of things, mostly things they don’t need and  the cost of eating out. I can commiserate on this one!

They complain about co-workers and bosses alike. They are equal opportunity complainers. No one quite understands them or listens to their superlative ideas that would save the world.

They complain about the adorable puppy that poops on their lawn and yet another Red John series on The Mentalist.

Then there is the approaching holiday season (it’s too commercial they say even as they get into their car to head to the mall) and even worse, the long bland winter after the holiday season.

Complaining is an American pastime. We have taken it to a new level!

So do you recognize yourself in any of those topics? Yep, me too! My new resolution is to keep my whining to a minimum. That means only stupid people and Starbuck’s drive-through issues – and only in good humor!snoopy

Happy Veteran’s Day to my brothers, both of whom served!

‘Stop complaining’ graphic from and Snoopy from Charles Schulz  



31 thoughts on “The Whiners

  1. What I mean by that is…how you don’t lose track of the theme. I tend to do that lost in my mishogass…can’t spell that as if you didn’t know…sometimes I leave it by the side of the road when it should be driving…if you get my point. 🙂


    • I am laughing because I wrestle with that all the time. Sometimes my post ends up taking me somewhere else entirely. This is a total rewrite because the first one became too political and I don’t want a political blog. I want people to laugh, enjoy and relate — not get riled up! The best posts are often the ones that write themselves.


  2. Kate, I have also thought about this recently. It seems that every time some awful thing happens, the media is looking for who is at fault. You know, sometimes s**t happens. Some people are nuts and we just have to live with it. The flip side of that is, God forbid, we request people assume responsibility for their actions. ie..Your child acted like an idiot at school, It was not the teacher, principal, cafeteria lady or other students fault. Please let your child take his/her knocks and learn from it. Stop protecting bad behavior and blaming everyone else. I, in all of my perfection, am not whining. Just the facts, maam, just the facts.


  3. I’d rather make Obamacare jokes. Like standing in line at the Pharmacy, trying to get the pneumonia vaccine which I’ll pay for but was 1) too young and 2) not asthmatic … just give me the d*mn thing, I thought, then an older lady next to me said “Hey Maybe Obama will pay for it” and we both tipped our heads back like muppets and laughed — HA HA HA!

    Give me some cheese with the whine 🙂

    Fun post 🙂


  4. We were just talking about this over the weekend. Every where I go I seem to run into someone complaining about something and most of the time it’s nothing. Maybe we can gather them all up and ship them to another planet or something.


  5. Geez Kate, I don’t think I like your rant about whiners. I woke up with a headache and a cat sitting on my head (possibly related) and then we were out of peanut butter for lunch and my favorite jeans are in the wash. It’s so sad for me!


  6. Long ago, I discovered that whining created a negative tape loop running in my head. It’d go on and on. It took a real mental change of attitude to get out of that rut. Now I try not to join in on those Debbie Downer conversations because I know where it’s going to take me: down in the dumps. Keep spreading the word, Kate.


  7. I have the complain gene that I’ve managed to lasso into sated submission. I attribute this, as Hallmarky as it sounds, to my nightly hap list…it’s 5 happy moments occurring during the day…it reminds me that, although there may be disappointments like I couldn’t get a seat at Farinella to eat my organic mushroom and zucchini pizza, or that check still hasn’t some…and Camille just burnt a hole in my favorite capris which she was fonduing…that’s when I tell myself…Susannah..shut the hell up…you lived to blog another day and so what you ate your slice standing up. 🙂


  8. Whiners are real winners and they come in groups, a group whiners. Sometimes it’s hard to stay upbeat when we are bombarded by negative media. Blogging is the one good way to bring out our positive traits.


    • I so agree. One of our friends complains about the government all the time. Doesn’t matter who is in power. It gets old and it is what it is. When I go to dinner I don’t want it to be a downer.


  9. I am so with you on the ObamaCare thing. I was trying to deal with the website of a local university recently, the same one my eldest goes to. It was impossible. And this is the website of one of the most respected educational insitutions in the world! So somehow we thought the ObamaCare site was going to get up and running without a glitch, first thing out of the gate? Oh please! As you said, it is just a web site!


  10. I’ll be your anti-whiner on Obamacare. I got a much better insurance policy for next year than I’ve had in recent years as a self-employed person with pre-existing conditions. Much better. Happy, happy!


    • Do you know how many people think that is impossible? There are a lot of good things about it but the news media prefers to focus on all the bad and not just about Obamacare. (OMG! Now I’m whining about the news folks! There is no end to it all!)


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