Random 3 for September 6 – Fall, spelling, pictures


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We are celebrating the holiday weekend here with an abbreviated random post. Come September – Just like a switch, the overnight temperature dropped to 59 degrees (15C). That’s a first since I can’t remember – maybe early May? We are … Continue reading

Random 5 for January 15 – Pets, adoptions, Siri, happy, spellcheck


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Yesterday was my birthday! So did I paint the town red? Not exactly. I adopted another special needs cat. (If I don’t do it, who will?) Equally adorable to the one I have and looks a lot like Morgan except … Continue reading

Random 5 for November 27 – Spelling, skin boogers, forgetfulness, bloggers, age


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Spelling? – Finding the correct spelling for a word can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know the correct spelling. I fussed around with a dictionary, going to a thesaurus (looking up similar words) until I finally used another word. … Continue reading