Random 5 for November 27 – Spelling, skin boogers, forgetfulness, bloggers, age

alphabetSpelling? – Finding the correct spelling for a word can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know the correct spelling. I fussed around with a dictionary, going to a thesaurus (looking up similar words) until I finally used another word. Eventually it all came to me but at that point I didn’t care.

Skin horns? – Thanksgiving morning I was cruising my computer, checking my blog, Facebook and emails. An article on skin horns (with gross pictures) popped up on my computer. I never heard of those things and I don’t want to see them before I eat! Thank you Facebook for grossing me out on a food holiday.

Speaking of Thanksgiving – we have a tradition in our family. Something gets screwed up. Sometimes the biscuits get burned because that’s last minute and you’re busy with something else. This year I forgot to put out the cranberry sauce. It was already in the serving dish with wrap over it sitting in the fridge. My guests noticed it wasn’t there but everyone was too polite (I know, I couldn’t believe it from this bunch either) to mention it. I now have a ton of cranberry sauce to eat by myself.

Aging out demographics — We have a local magazine. There are lots of ads along with local information, some fashion and events. This month there were restaurant reviews with sample foods. There are many ways we are aging out of the targeted demographics for sales but I didn’t think restaurants was one of them. That is until today. The pictures were full of things I wouldn’t eat, let alone pay top dollar for. I don’t go to a high-end steak house for a pork belly entrée. What am I missing here. Guess I’m ready for the 4 o’clock special on meatloaf.

For bloggers – This week I spent some time on my blogroll. (For non-bloggers that’s the list of blogs on the right side of my home page.) I am very bad in keeping it updated. I removed bloggers who aren’t active (you have to post) except for a very few that I have high hopes will return soon. Updating is always a sad time for me. I lose blogging friends every year. There seems to be a time cycle for burnout. Making it to two years is wonderful. Hitting five years is rare these days. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. I always do. Don’t take it personally. Just let me know. Also, I finally found an easier way to do it (which you probably already know!).

So how was your week?

38 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 27 – Spelling, skin boogers, forgetfulness, bloggers, age

    • 🙂 That would fit right in my house. I would do a quick scrambled filling in the microwave and have someone serve more drinks. Hot gravy helps too. We should right a book on how to do a big dinner complete with snafus.


  1. We had Thanksgiving at a friend’s who told us ahead of time that she would be buying the entire dinner from a fancy gourmet store. My wife baked a pie to bring over. The meal was delicious and I don’t think anyone really cared who made it because the company was even better. But halfway through the meal our host announced why there was no cranberry sauce. She went to the fridge and showed all of us the plastic container she was given — with the rings of the tin can from which the cranberry sauce originated still clearly imprinted on its outer edge. “From a can, for God sakes!” 😉

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  2. I have noticed that restaurants are putting strange things on their menus. I least the ones that are trendy. I am not very adventuresome so stick to “normal” food. I don’t have a blogroll because it would mean one more thing to keep track of. I like the idea and if someone else would do it and keep it current I’d have one.


  3. Everything Thanksgiving week, Andy destroys one of my dishes. This year, he let the cat eat my pie. Last year, he switched the oven to broil while my homemade Shaker bread was in it. Don’t get me started on the cookies the year before. That’s our tradition.

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  4. I have always been a terrible speller. Most of the time I can get just enough of the first few letter to either look it up or have the computer suggest options. Other times, I have no fricking clue.

    I don’t have a blog roll on my page. Perhaps I should add one since it’s a great way for my followers to learn about other blogs they might like. Thanks for including me! I’ll have to check out some of the other ones… I’m always happy to learn about other interesting blogs. I figure if you like them, they are worth a look.

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  5. Try finding some medical terms, which I have to do with my transcription. Many time f is really ph and t is pt as in pterygium! Love cranberry sauce and just this year realized I like whole cranberry sauce as much as jellied. Yeah, there’s a lot of cleaning up I have to do on my blog as well but if I don’t clean my house either, guess the blog is really gonna have to wait!

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    • I ran into exactly one of those situations where I didn’t know what the first letters of the word were and nothing I did came up with it. I will eat just about any cranberry sauce but the family won’t. Blog? House? Hard to say….

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  6. Love the fact your guests were too polite to ask for cranberry sauce. They were clearly not Italian. Your fridge would have been under siege.
    Words. I’m always looking them up. I even still have an old Webster at my feet I just love. Love the feel of it in my lap when I’m searching for clarity.

    And as far as a blog roll goes. You’re so good. Now I know why so many people hate me.

    All I do is write. Love the Random 5 🙂

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  7. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving despite forgetting the cranberry sauce. That would have been fine by me, since I don’t care for it. Let’s hope for an Eagles win tomorrow night!
    Ugh…blogroll…another thing to add to my TO DO list. Have a great Sunday!

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  8. Well, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and the beloved Husband! My comment is focused on “Spelling.” It would frustrate me to no end, I would ask a parent, “how do you spell…” and the answer I ALWAYS got was, look it up in the dictionary. Well, if don’t know how to spell it to begin with, how could I look it up in the dictionary???

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    • I know. People not only burnout, they stop reading and visiting too. There are so many things that I could suggest they write about. People are more interesting than they think they are. Perhaps blogging served it’s purposed and they are on to new things.

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  9. They can keep their overpriced pork bellies . . . pass the cranberry sauce! 😀

    I am overdue for a blogroll update ~ tell me about your easier way, please.

    My tip: I leave bloggers on the list as long as their blog is still at the other end of the link (in case I need to jog my memory). Once they mark it private or delete it, I remove the link.

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    • You are probably way ahead of me in the techie part. I used to “visit” the blog and copy the url. I can copy the url directly from the Reader > Followed Sites — manage so I don’t have to wait until each blog comes up and go back and forth between the different blogs. Then I add to my links. I usually have the two pages open on two different tabs. If someone doesn’t post in 6 months, I’ll make them inactive. I can reactivate them easily by unclicking on private in the links section. However, I’ve been really bad in updating. I haven’t found an easier way (like a button that says add to my blogroll). I rarely test the links I have. Maybe I should. I know some blogs have changed names but they usually don’t change urls.


      • Thanks, Kate. It’s been a long time since I checked links on my Blog Roll ~ usually because I check one or two and get caught up scrolling through posts.

        Oh, well, our In-Box will NEVER be empty, eh?

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