Sassy cats – The spot

Hazel: Here it is. Smells so good!

Hazel: Here it is. Smells so good!

There is a spot on our family room carpet. You can’t see it and neither can I, but the cats love it. Not just one cat but all the cats.

Hazel: Maybe it's better over here!

Hazel: Maybe it’s better over here!

They sniff it. They roll in it. They sleep on it.

Hazel: This is the best spot in the world!

Hazel: This is the best spot in the world!

I get that weird feeling. Did someone do a butt wipe on the carpet? Was something (maybe catnip) ground in? I can’t smell anything. (Yes, I knelt down and smelled it.)

Hazel: Hey Morgan, smell this spot! Isn't it great?

Hazel: Hey Morgan, smell this spot! Isn’t it great?

I look at the spot again. I try different angles. With a bright flashlight. With a black light that would show body fluid spots. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Morgan: This spot is mine! All mine!

Morgan: This spot is mine! All mine!

Another feline mystery of life.

NOTE: There are no pictures of Mollie because I didn’t have the camera handy when she rolled in it. She’s much more camera shy but she loves it too.

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The spot

  1. Cats are such picky creatures when pointing out some spot Staff keep missing….Molly will lick and roll on any weird smelling spot ( a real tip off for staff if the cat suddenly decides the facilities should be cleaned every 5 days instead of 7), but RC may give a stretched neck sniff then jump back as if jolted by electricity if there’s any doggy weirdness ..and the cat will make a real distainful dramatic detour around a spot if staff is watching…just to make a point.

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  2. At the point that you pulled out the black light I got hysterical. Pretty funny. Could be a butt wipe.But it seems an extreme response to a mere butt wipe. After all, you can probably find those on my . . . kitchen counters, sadly.

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    • I do! Many years ago Jake had a urine issue and I had to know where he went. Cats go in the same spot so I had to neutralize quickly. Comes in handy. It’s good for human body fluids too. Betty is amazing. Three weeks from surgery on Monday and doing very well.


    • They may well be playing me on this. I think I heard them giggling in the other room while I was using the black light. However, when they are staring at spot on the wall or bookshelf, it usually means there is a bug or (yikes) a bat. As they tell me all the time, humans have such poor eyesight we miss all the good stuff in life.

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    • Could be. The floor is over a basement with a cement floor so it’s unlikely we’ll ever find it but you never know. I’m staying with the butt wipe story myself. Or maybe just a bit of flatulence that stayed. Like dogs, they enjoy a good nasty smell sometimes.


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