Random 3 for September 6 – Fall, spelling, pictures

The front entrance

We are celebrating the holiday weekend here with an abbreviated random post.

Come September – Just like a switch, the overnight temperature dropped to 59 degrees (15C). That’s a first since I can’t remember – maybe early May? We are having a delightful weekend weather-wise. I am trying to “stay in the moment!”

Spellcheck – This past week I was researching for a purchase. I like to read reviews. Some are very helpful and some are weird. The good ones give you the little details that are good to know. Does something wrinkle? Does it run small or big. This week I noticed a lot of sentences that made no sense but were full of correctly spelled words. Finally I realized that spellcheck was the culprit. I can talk into my phone or computer to compose but I must have a funny accent because it often puts down the wrong word! I’m not the only one with that funny accent!

The family room looking into the music room

House pictures – We’ve started to collect house pictures that can be used when we sell. We picked a nice afternoon to do it. I went into each room, decluttered and made sure the window treatment was perfect. It took time. We have way too much cat stuff. I have enough cat beds to start a rescue! More cleaning out!

So how was your week?

97 thoughts on “Random 3 for September 6 – Fall, spelling, pictures

  1. Kate, I have had some major issues with spellcheck. They can be quite funny, except when they are not. Your house photo looks great. I should pretend to sell my house and maybe I will be motivated to tackle each room.🙂

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  2. This is the beginning of my kind of weather – sweater weather 🙂 After all the heat of this summer, this is such a welcome relief.

    Our cleanup-and-purge continues although, unlike you, there is no move planned for our future. I will have to live vicariously through you! It’s not so much that I want to downsize our space – our house is actually a good size for 2 people. I want to escape all the stairs!

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    • Stairs is one thing I’d love to eliminate. Extra bedrooms to heat and clean is another. I’m loving the weather now especially after a brutal summer. I had to walk at 7 a.m. and even then it was hot. Walking later in the day could not be done!

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  3. They promised us a cool front – but no.Wishful thinking and it’s not even April Fool’s Day. At least the rain arrived so the yard is watered and it is not glaring roasting hot with the clouds.
    We’ve started decluttering and taking steps to take steps to relocate….if we can only spot the perfect – or perfect enough house. (and feel comfortable traveling to see it…Molly is ready if we promise cooler weather…RC Cat says there better be cat beds, window seats, and sunny windows for all seasons…I do thing a screen porch would be so nice after seeing yours)

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  4. 59°???? Are you transitioning into the ice age? The City of Los Angeles recorded the highest temperature ever yesterday… 121° in the district of Woodland Hills. Even in usually temperate Culver City we were in the mid 100s… really terrible for people who don’t have a/c because the usual places to get relief from the heat like movie theaters, shopping malls, etc are closed due to the coronavirus. And with wildfires all around the air is unhealthy to breathe. The apocalypse is upon us. Other than that , things are going great!

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  5. What a beautiful house – you will miss it a lot. But like you, when we downsized I didn’t miss the work it took to keep up with 5 bedrooms and 2 acres. And in fact, we both felt so much lighter with less. But “cleaning up” and “reorganizing” for a sale is never fun.
    We have gorgeous weather also here in the Boston weather. A nice change. Our friends/family in the SF Bay area are sweltering in unusual hot hot temps. It’s a strange, strange world, for sure.

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  6. If I remember right, here on the West Coast we’ve had a slightly cooler than average summer–lots of 68-70 degree-days instead of 70-75, at least here by the sound. Now we’re starting a week of hot weather– 80-90 degrees. Kind of strange.

    You have a beautiful house, such a lovely entrance, neat and well cared for.

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  7. It was 57 yesterday morning – I wore long pants and long sleeves to go to Lake Erie Metropark- this was more for West Nile Virus as an incident was in our County. It was a gray day and for goodness sake, I needed a jacket and would not have turned away a pair of gloves either. I overdressed today and the sun came out and I was hot. Need Mom to dress me I guess. 🙂

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  8. We moved cross country to a smaller place about 18 years ago. I remember going through the attic and basement with all my treasures asking who wanted them. No one wanted them. Once I got over the shock and started donating, I couldn’t stop. When we moved into the new place and had an entertainment center with six small shelves for displaying items, I had nothing. I had a good laugh and then got out a few pictures. Once the ‘stuff’ is gone, you just don’t want to accumulate it again. I’ve also known several people who liked their home and their neighborhood so they took a room on the first floor that wasn’t used a lot and set up a bedroom and bath. Good luck with your decisions and your move.

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  9. I’ve been catching the show “Sell this House” occasionally. It’s interesting. They are big believers in “staging.” All the personal stuff goes so prospective owners can envision their fabulous new lives.😊

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  10. Do the cats want to move?
    Have you put it to a vote?

    Our first 2 cats got moved from our house in NC (6 years) to my parents’ house in NJ (3 mos.) to our apartment in NJ (8 mos.) to our house in NJ (8 years) to an apartment in VA (6 mos.) to our house in Maryland (3 years for one and 4 years for the other).

    Tigger only had to move twice (MD to FL apt. to FL villa) . . . but he traveled with us a bunch with lots of short temporary stays here, there, and everywhere. He was a happy camper. Mostly.

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  11. Hope your weather holds. Too hot here in Florida! As you have probably heard, we have too much stuff and the majority of it is not necessary and not mine. Don’t get me started…I would miss my boxes of fabric though as I have been using a lot of it lately!

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        • Nope. It’s not one simple thing. The yard is too big and the taxes are too high. There is a lot of work here and we are getting tired. The cost to hire workmen for all the things that need to be done is high too. My brother got a stair glide instead of moving. He needed it for my SIL but I think they’d do better in a one floor apartment. Don’t want to clean out their house though. It’s packed!

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            • I hope I’m as good as you are. I admire that you moved into a perfect place at a stage in your life when you could enjoy it (and the beach, pizza, margaritas, etc.). Sometimes you get so comfortable where you are that inertia sets in. I’ve seen too many of my friends’ parents trapped because they waited too long to move. I think moving is harder when you get older. You worry more about whether the decision is right and you don’t have the energy for all the work. We don’t have any kids here that would help out so it’s on us. My husband is working on downsizing his workshop. He will most likely always want one but his days of making big over-sized furniture are over. It’s a good passage.

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              • My parents waited too long . . . made it hard on us. I don’t want to be in that situation. Especially since we don’t have kids to “bail us out.” Your house is lovely and gracious. It’ll be a great home for whoever lands there.

                Some communities have shared workshops where woodworkers gather. That might work for your guy.

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  12. Beautiful home pictures, Kate. Please let me know the next time you guys are out for a while beaus I’d like to break in and steal that glass coffee table.

    I recently bought a new home printer and spent hours reading online. I went back/forth from Consumer Reports to reading Amazon reviews. Some reviews are written flawlessly, and I really appreciated them. Others are completely incoherent! – Marty

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  13. It’s been über hot these past few days (thankfully not California hot but still too bloody hot for me). It was officially 101 yesterday and will probably be pretty much the same today, tomorrow will be a smidge cooler and Tuesday…get ready for it…a high of 39 with 3-5″ of snow forecast. 😳 Where did I put those sweaters again?

    Good luck culling pet accoutrement for the home sale. I think Norman and Elsa might need their own storage unit for beds and toys.

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  14. Loving the temperatures these last days. I even put my Fitbit back on this morning. Every once in a while it feels like too much of a tyrant, and I cast it aside for a few days to teach it a lesson.

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  15. I’m a bit jealous of your fall weather this weekend but I know you are enjoying it to the max. Our heat index was 107 yesterday, I won’t whine about the temp or the humidity. It was a very nice Saturday, just HOT. Let me tell you, that cleaning out is big. We had very little in the condo because I knew in my heart we would move to a house. We’ll be lucky to have 15 boxes and I haven’t missed a thing we got rid of to move here 2 and a half years ago. You find out how little you need to be happy! Just make sure the Sassy Cats have plenty of windows and a 4 seasons or screened porch 🙂

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    • Some things I can’t throw out because I think they have value for someone else. Trying to find that someone else is work. I was successful with one item this week. A couple nieces are splitting it. The stuff was good and $$ to buy so I was pleased. Throwing out stuff like that is very hard for me. Other stuff that is out of date or just plain ugly is easy peasy. When I move to the next place (hopefully my last move), I will toss some things I am keeping just in case they fit in the new house.

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