Random 5 for January 15 – Pets, adoptions, Siri, happy, spellcheck


New cat as yet unnamed

Yesterday was my birthday! So did I paint the town red? Not exactly. I adopted another special needs cat. (If I don’t do it, who will?) Equally adorable to the one I have and looks a lot like Morgan except they are missing opposite eyes. It’s been exciting (cat adoption is never normal for me) and there will be posts about the ride. More to follow.

The best thing – I had to go to our local pet food



store yesterday. I hate going on Saturday. All the rescues are there with their adorable homeless critters. There were five dogs and all were beautiful and very calm. There is always a commotion on adoption days. Kids yelling. One woman came up to me (I have that kind of face) to tell me that she didn’t expect to go home with a dog (her family including Dad had picked out a beauty). I told her not to come on Saturdays. She said that they were looking but this was going so fast. I saw the dog the kids and Dad wanted. He was a beauty. Some sort of medium-sized terrier mix. Brown and black. Just beautiful. She confided that she has a Yorkie and another small dog and this dog was much calmer than either of the other two. It’s a beautiful thing to see a successful adoption. Warmed my heart.

Dear Siri – Our local radio station has a “Dear Siri” segment. You can call in with questions for her. The answers are like Judge Judy with a lot of bleeping going on (due to naughty words). It was funny the first few times but now it’s too predictable. This week Siri did a car commercial complete with bleeped words. I’m surprised there isn’t some sort of copyright infringement going on here.

A week of happy people. – This isn’t my favorite time of year. In my family, people wait until January to die. It’s their revenge to make us stand in the cold at the cemetery. This week there was some good. A really nice staff person at one of my local stores looked at what I was buying and advised me to wait two days. Something about a holiday sale. (Is Martin Luther King Day another black Friday?) I saved 25% on my purchases. Then a Starbucks barista confided her secret to being so upbeat. She keeps her “crap” at home. Very good advice for anyone serving the public.

Spastic spellcheck – Spellcheck is having issues with “it’s” and “its.” It doesn’t know which is which. It’s easy really. If you can put an “is” in there (it is), it requires an apostrophe. If not, it’s possessive and doesn’t. Spellcheck has been changing my words back and forth multiple times (the same word). Maybe she needs a time out.

So how was your week?

75 thoughts on “Random 5 for January 15 – Pets, adoptions, Siri, happy, spellcheck

  1. Happy birthday – always good to stretch it out a bit…birthdays as well as muscles before exercise….
    Another Grey! Grace is perfect and landed in the purrfect place. (Are you worried the pet adoption people will start going “Hey, here’s another one eyed one…we know just the person to show how cute it is” ?)
    We’ve narrowly avoided bringing another dog home – luckily each one turned out to have collars and tags and owners grateful for the recovery….but on borrowed time. (“NOT!” says RC)

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  2. Do you have to integrate the new cat slowly ie. isolating her in her own room and then slowly exposing her to the others over time?? This is what I normally do when getting a new cat. I call it a military operation. Just wondering if there is a quicker way…….

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    • If there is a quicker way, I don’t know it. Sometimes it goes fast. Mollie took 3 days. Hazel isolated herself from people but stayed close to Mollie. They were buds right away. Morgan was isolated about 3 days and all was good. Today is day 3 and the door is open so she’s exploring. There’s been some hissing and she dives under the bed. She eats separately and I’ll separate her to sleep. There’ll be more exploring tomorrow. Seems more like the homies are annoyed than she is.

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  3. First of all, Happy Birthday. Sorry I’m a day late!
    Second – Mazal Tov on the latest furry addition to your family 🙂
    Third – how about calling her after the pirate Anne Bonney. Then you could call her Bonney (as in “blythe and bonny”) for short.
    Last, but not necessarily least – it drives me CRAZY when people mix up “it’s” and “its”. And “you’re” and “your”. And “there” and “their”. Etc. etc. etc.

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  4. Congratulations on your new family member! A lot of people overlook special needs animals because they see them as so much extra work, In doing so they may be passing up the perfect pet. Our cat, Gent, may be old and have a lot of health problems, but I will never regret adopting him.

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    • I am retired so I can spent the time needed. While I was working I had a diabetic cat. I adopted him as a kitten but he developed diabetes when he was 9 and lived to 18. Two shots a day and it wasn’t a problem. Morgan and the new one are one-eyed. It’s all about the looks. Neither one will need meds for it. Morgan is a perfect pet and I am grateful that the shelter didn’t put her down. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about the new cat but real connection takes time. We were at the vet this morning. It’s a cat only vet. There were two other “new adoptees” there and both were older cats. The vet said my cat is between 3 and 4. I love to see people adopt older and “harder to adopt” animals. They make wonderful pets.

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  5. Happy Birthday, Kate and congratulations on your new adoption/ birthday present!!!
    You’re right about the Siri infringement rights. Maybe someone just hasn’t caught up to them yet but that’s hard to believe.
    Spellcheck might be turning into auto correct..:)

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  6. I will look forward to getting to know your new family member! The story you shared of the family adopting a puppy–and it going “so fast” according to mom–reminded me of a similar time in our life. I gave in and allowed a puppy when the children were too young and our entire house was opened up throughout a huge multi-month construction job. The timing couldn’t have been worse, but I was weak and couldn’t help myself. We are all suckers, I think. But in a good way, I hope. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Kate!

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  7. Happy birthday to my early January birthday buddy! I’m so excited to hear more about your new kitty and anxious to learn its name. And speaking of “its” – I get so irritated when spell check says that “its” should be “It’s. It’s never the other way around. It’s like “its” isn’t in their dictionary. As much money as Bill Gates has, it seems like he could afford a better dictionary. It’s nuts.

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  8. Happy Birthday, Kate! And I am so happy a kitty that needed you, found you! Such a happy story and that kitty hit the lottery of love, kindness, and respect. Does this kitty have a name yet? Did I miss it? Just saw it… unnamed! Our week was filled with ICE… it is finally melting as I type. We have been stuck inside for four days… at least the power stayed on!

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  9. I am not sure if I ever told you my Siri story. I asked Siri for a phone number. It appeared and disappeared very quickly. I called her back and said she erased it to quickly, could she send it again….she replied, “Are you calling me a raciest!” OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see Morgan and the new gal side by side.

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    • I adopted her (unplanned) from a sad picture in the paper. I had to pick her up at the shelter (made husband go in case I ended up in a sobbing heap) but it was a nice shelter. My SB is staffed with really nice people — at least the morning folks. I read your post and that wouldn’t happen at my SB. They would even suggest things or replace it if you weren’t happy.

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    • New cat is still quarantined pending results of poop test. Other cats occasionally sit outside door in curiosity. We’ll go slow. That was great advice. She is an African-American young woman who calls everyone honey. She is so upbeat (at 7 a.m.) that I had to comment on it.

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    • Good idea but I think the name would be x rated. As for spellcheck, it was most likely concocted by someone who has English as their 23rd language. Many English speaking people don’t know the difference so it’s logical that someone who doesn’t speak English primarily would get confused.

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    • Good! It’s about time! Yesterday I saw the most beautiful adoptable dogs. I’m not a good shelter person because it makes me so sad but to see the dogs out on a rescue day is wonderful. The dog is happier and looks better. I hadn’t seen a dog adoption even in a long time and it’s worth a visit. The one that got adopted was one of my favs (I prefer mid-sized dogs) but there was a pit mix that was so sweet and pretty I could have taken her except that my cats would be all bent out of shape. They were all calm and the store was noisy and busy. It’s a good test. Good luck to you no matter how you find your next forever dog.


  10. Happy birthday for yesterday Kate. Beautiful new puss. Smokey grey, so names spring to mind of Smokey, Misty and Whisper (depends if he’s quiet or not I suppose). I met a Dorkie today, so cute and so tiny! I’ve come across Jackapoos and Porkies, but never a Dorkie. Maggie was fascinated as he was smaller than her snout, and one sniff nearly blew the little chap over. Aw, bless!

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