Sassy cats — They’re in my spot!

Here Sasha is trying to look cute so no one gets mad at her.

Gracie here. Feeling a little grumpy. Sasha and Gus took over the desk window. That’s my spot. I sometimes share it with Sasha but Gus is usually in the music room window. This is not acceptable! I have to sit on the floor. THE FLOOR! The indignity of it all.

Now she moved over to hog the other one!

I’m going to put my butt in their faces! That should do it. Dang cats.

Gracie: They took my spot.

Wishing you all a great weekend and hope no one steals your spot.


44 thoughts on “Sassy cats — They’re in my spot!

  1. Well Gracie, I’m lucky here because nobody can steal my spot(s) – I’m the only guy around here and I’m pretty sure my Mom and Dad have no interest in trying to curl up in one of my many beds! HAHA

    Hugs, Teddy

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    • In the space of 6 feet, there are two beds and a cat tower with multiple beds. She also has one on her desk. I don’t think we’ll get her to put another one there. She says we have to learn how to share!


  2. Hang tough Gracie! Maybe put some chirping bird videos on the TV and they will run in there to see…leaving you time to dominate and stretch out in the preferred widow spot.
    (Peeps just are slacking and not making a “Gracie Only” sign with red velvet ropes for emphasis/ reeducation)
    Have a pawsome weekend

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  3. Our dog Woofie would just sit in front of Boss Cat and whine endlessly when she took his chair. He didn’t dare try and sit on her, even though he outweighed her by 75 pounds; his goal was to irritate the humans to the point of intervention. Of course, we didn’t want to risk the murder mittens either.

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