Always something

I won’t be doing this anytime soon!

This isn’t a pity party. It’s a statement of fact. All the big spring projects are in the rear view. I was looking forward to small projects and easy gardening. I have deck planters yearning for plants. There are two naked (almost) windows that need prettying up. Just fluff stuff. No heavy lifting. Lots of kick back and enjoy included. Like margaritas on the veranda. (Note to self: get a veranda!)

I twisted my back and had excruciating pain. This happened when I was changing the bedding (really? I threw my back out with bedsheets? Not a good story!).

The back thing happens once or twice a year. I know the routine. Take it easy for two days and ease back into life. My problem is “easy” isn’t so easy for me to do. My mind is running wild with things I want to do and places I want to go.

On the second day of “taking it easy,” I decided to make a skirting for our new recliner to hide the electrical mechanics. It’s easy peasy. A small rectangle of matching fabric hemmed and tacked and it’s done. However (and there always is one), it involved crawling around the floor and sewing on the sewing machine.

One or the other aggravated my back. My “take it easy” was extended and it included lots more pain when I moved. I had to keep moving (as in slow walking) to keep it from seizing up. Argh.

My naked windows and empty railing planters will be there next week. I’m wondering if this is nature’s way of slowing me down. Got the message loud and clear. Maybe. We’ll see. I’m a slow learner. In the meantime, I have a funny gait to my walk. Very similar to a toddler that just took a dump in their diaper.

The silver lining — I got caught up on my Rachel Ray shows. I have two of her recipes I want to try. Hopefully I can figure out the crazy spices.

Beware of bedding. It’s dangerous stuff.

52 thoughts on “Always something

  1. Hope you are on the mend by now and you’re right … with all the other heavy lifting, how did you hurt your back on bedding? Just one twist the wrong way does it. Years ago when we went from putting our yard waste in plastic bags (which I just put into a garbage can) to those paper bags, I was trying to hold the bag open and dump grass into it – twisted my neck the wrong way and couldn’t swivel my neck around without excruciating pain. Couldn’t drive well as I could not turn my head. People at work said “go to a chiropractor” which I did, but didn’t like it. They’d put hot packs on the back of my neck to relax me, then he’d hold my head between his hands and crack my neck … I didn’t like that feeling at all and what if he twisted the wrong way?? It made a horrible cracking noise. As soon as it was better, that was the end of the chiropractor.

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      • Well I worked with two people at the Firm who urged me to go based on their great experiences for back pain. One went to a traditional chiropractor for “cracks” and the other person went to a chiropractor where she laid on a table and somehow the table area where she was laying dropped down and when that happened the relief occurred. A crack, but not by human hands. Yes, I really did it to myself and then I bought a heavy plastic yard waste bag device that stood the bag up and kept it from collapsing and I’ve used it ever since.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve experienced such back trouble this week, Kate. I hope you’re doing much better now. It’s crazy how at times the smallest thing can rise up and put us out of commission, although sometimes changing the bedding can be a chore! Take good care not to jump into activity too soon! Maybe no jumping at all would be best!

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  3. it is… and it makes me sad that I’m now the one who has such ouchies from doing daily life… I add footstools from IKEA to the dangerous stuff list… some people survive a fall from a sky scraper and I nearly die from a collapsed 12 ” thingy.. oh man ;O(((

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  4. I know what you mean. It’s hard to slow down and take it easy. I’m the same way. I only had my back go out on me once, but I still tried to do things even though I was in pain. Hope you feel better soon.

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  5. Pain of any kind is a bother but back pain takes it way past simple bother. I have been having some back pain lately. Nothing awful but enough to remind me not to take my body for granted. Hope your aches and pains are well on their way to gone. Good you can still go to Starbucks. That will help the healing or least give you a few minutes of caffeine comfort.

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  6. I hear ya… back has bothered me for years since I had a herniated disc from shoveling too much mulch into place in the garden. I have more aches and pains than I ever thought a person could have but I HAVE learned my lesson and have slowed down. I push my limits but don’t go over the invisible line any longer – the recovery time gets longer and longer!! Rest – do some easy stretches (and I mean easy) to unkink those muscles but take it as a warning – We really aren’t as invincible as we’d like to think – – sadly!! Hope you’re better soon…..

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Walking helps a lot. Being still for a long stretch does not. I get all stiff so it’s worse in the morning and better as the day goes on but I’m taking it slow and no gardening for now.


  7. I sympathise Kate. Back pain is no fun and I am trying to build up my mobility after taking it ‘too easy’ on Hubby’s orders until I’d seen my consultant.
    Bedding eh? How about turning off the stereo? That’s how I first did my back in, leaning over the back of the chair to turn off said stereo in 1977. There was an almighty crunch and I could hardly move. Getting me into the car and down to the doc was a riot of pain and bad language. If we’d had a roof rack, that may have been easier. I had to lie completely flat for 2 weeks and take paracetamol. I had a note on the front door saying to give me fifteen minutes after ringing the bell to answer as I was literally ‘laid up’. I took a lot of stick when I got back to work as I;d only been married a few months and when I said how I did my back in, nobody believed me. Somehow leaping off the wardrobe like Wonder Woman was more believable.
    Hope you are well on the mend and taking things easier ❤

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  8. Sorry your back is misbehaving. My back has been doing the “out” thing for quite a while. Yep, it’s the waiting till it settles that is hard to do. It almost always goes out around Christmas time. My back feels like one of those loosey-goosey skeletons that we used to hang on the door on Halloween when it misbehaves. Sending you be patient vibes and feel better soon wishes.

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  9. Ohhh, ouch! This also happens to my husband about twice a year. I always get mad at him when he tries to do things he shouldn’t while healing – like you did! That’s a no-no Miss Kate. Believe it or not, your story isn’t as bad as his (from his last bad-back-bout). He put his back out bending over to tie his shoe! 🤦‍♀️
    Take care of yourself so you can get to healing. When I’m down and out with my chronic pain, I play a particular game I enjoy on my tablet. It’s called Seekers Notes if you’re interested. Sending healing thoughts.

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  10. So sorry to hear about the back going out. It always seems to happen when your mind comes up with things that must be done immediately. Hopefully you can sit on your lovely deck and enjoy a nice adult beverage for a few days. Feel better soon. 🍹

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  11. It seems to me that backs are funny that way. My mom had a long history of back issues. She could work like a demon around the house and in the yard, but then turn to pick up a file at work and be crippled for weeks. My back is mad at me today, but then I did about 6 wheelbarrow loads of mulch and helped raise a pergola in my backyard, so I guess I “earned” it. Hope your back feels better soon!


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  12. Same here, Kate. Back is complaining LOUDLY today. And, like you, I have stuff I want to do. Projects I’m enjoying. At the moment, I don’t want to “slow down.”

    Oh, well. Time heals. We’ll be patient patients together. Or not. Time will tell. 😀

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  13. I’ve got new bedding arriving tomorrow. I’ll have to be very careful! And I sympathize…got lots of pain in one hip and one side of my neck right now and it sure slows things down.

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  14. I’m prone to lower back spasms. I’m not an “oooohhhhmmmm” kind of person, but I’ve learned It helps if I do yoga. I’ve developed a 20-30 minute routine that I try (and often fail) to do daily. I can usually tell when my back is getting close to seizing up–usually when I have skipped yoga. Once I was hurriedly pushing the coffee table out of the way so I could do yoga so my back wouldn’t go out…and my back went out.

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