Sassy cats – Potpourri

My boxes are gone!

Gracie here. It’s rainy so no casino. Don’t like wet fur especially mine.

As always, we are working hard to make the peep crazy. Doesn’t take much. Just one little boop over the edge will do it.

I’ve been snoozing on the LL Bean paper bag on the floor. No cushion or anything. Not the thing you’d see in a photo shoot, but I like it. Peep doesn’t understand but she lets it be. For now. My Bath and Body box has disappeared. I may make her order something to replace it.

I’ve started to sit on the heat ducts. There are two that I like. They warm my tush and I like a warm tush. The peep looks at the big cushy bed (empty) she bought me that is next to the fireplace and just rolls her eyes.

Sasha and me watching the ‘hood!

We have a house guest for a few days. Sasha is in her “invisible” mode except that she likes to walk all over the peep at 3 a.m. Maybe it’s to catch up on snuggles she missed all day or more likely, punishment for allowing guests.

The peep is in one of her “House Beautiful” phases. She’s moving things around including my food dish. I’m now eating in the kitchen. Sasha and Gus eat elsewhere. Their food is separate from mine because they steal. Morgan also eats at a different spot. We call it musical food dishes. Just make sure you know where your dish is when the music stops!

I did not do the barf!

Someone did a magnificent barf this morning. It hit four different surfaces on three different levels. A definite 10 out of 10. We are not telling the peep who did it. She’s flummoxed.

It’s news reporter Gracie signing off! Have a great weekend and make your barfs magnificent!

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Potpourri

  1. WOW! That was some amazing barf! I rarely barf – maybe three times in my 6 years here but I haven’t put a lot of effort into it – who knows what I’m really capable of. Hope your company hasn’t thrown your schedules off too much – cats like schedules (and to throw in surprises once in a while too!). Here’s to a peaceful weekend.

    Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Great reporting, Gracie! I am glad that you are all continuing to keep the peep on her toes — especially with houseguests present.
    BTW – Please thank your peep for the kind comment on my blog post yesterday (yup, the one with the now broken link). I had published it by mistake but your peep is fast — very, very fast! 😀

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  3. Musical food dishes – HA! You are so inventive. I saw a funny cartoon on Facebook, with a group of cats on the board of Amazon sitting around discussing how to get more boxes into peeps lives.

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  4. Nova, our current foster momma, did a magnificent barf this morning too. I suspect she read your blog instructions, but hopefully the magnificent barks are done for awhile, okay??

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  5. Gracie ~

    I hope that you and your brethren are planning something nice for the peeps for Valentine’s Day. At a minimum, you should each plan to present them with a few extra purrs to signal your regard and affection . . .

    NO! Absolutely NOT at 3 am. At Happy Hour. Purr-fur-ably when they are relaxed and happy with an adult beverage.

    In the meantime, stay high and dry inside today!

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