Sassy cats — Grumpy Friday

Gracie here. The peep had her second eye thing done today and boy is she cranky. All us cats are pretty much staying away. Here is a picture of Morgan imitating her but don’t tell her or all hell will break loose!

Pretty scary isn’t it?Β  We do have a few other new pics for you today. First up are the lovers. Geez! Get a room!

And then there is this puddle of fur. It’s a side of Sasha you don’t get to see much.

We felines hope you all have a great and ungrumpy weekend!

52 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Grumpy Friday

  1. Be kind to your peep! I think she has the absolute right to be cranky. I hope she is feeling much better soon and this whole eye treatment was worth it!

    I feel sure, by the way, that she would much rather be brushing you than to be having these eye procedures.

    I feel a strange desire to dig out my cow box. I have a flat cow that looks a great deal like Sasha.

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  2. Close to Halloween I like to display just a couple photos of my kids when they were little in some of my favorite Halloween costumes. I also have some cute ones of my grandkids. I even have one or two of my little pup in a dog costume! The memories make me smile. This photo of Morgan would join my little collage if she were my cat! This is a perfect Halloween photo! Love the “puddle” of Sasha!!

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  3. Morgan, I’m going to assume that face is actually in sympathy for the Lady Peep and her cranky over the lenses from hell. My lips are sealed with regard to the photo, Gracie. Love the Sassy Cat photos… Sasha is doing a great impression of a furry cow rug! My weekend started out Grumpy but it’s looking pretty good now! Good Morning, Sassy Cats and Peeps!

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    • You are lucky. The peep is still grumpy but not near as bad as yesterday. She is having trouble reading the computer so it makes everything harder. The is hoping this weekend flies by like all the rest of the summer weekends have! We all worked hard being especially photogenic for her.

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    • Actually eye #2 is the dominant eye so it’s harder to see. However, we are all trying to keep her distracted! Sasha did a great big barf with multiple surfaces. That kept the peep busy for a while.


  4. Oh Gracie, I hope your Mom doesn’t see that picture. She needs some snuggles. Thanks for the photos and hope your Mom can feel better soon! Tell the other human to get her a latte and that may make her smile.

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    • We’ve been working on it. All was well until Gus tried to hump her leg. The one with the big boo-boo. That didn’t go so well. Sasha has been especially good at bouncing on her full bladder first thing in the morning. We want everything to seem as normal as possible.


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